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by TomC, 5 minutes ago in Coffees
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Sour coffee

You might actually try something quite the opposite with it. Grind coarser, and use a very low temp, like 180 and see what you get as well. You can extract all sorts of odd and sometimes sour flavors with dense Colombians and Kenyan's ( I find) occasionally. It's worth playing with on that end of the spectrum and seeing what...
by M997, 16 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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The sweet spot for espresso machine

Decent is 18-20% more expensive in EUR around +900 USD Thanks to all))
by ericjs, 30 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Eureka Atom 75 vs ECM Titan

Thank you Jeff. Thanks for pointing out that I should provide additional information. I'll edit the post.
by Theodore, 37 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Elektra Nino stalls

Hi. I have a Elektra Nino grinder in my house from about 2007,using it about 7 years only,(because my Reneka was off),making 2-3 doubles a day. Trying to use it now ,I have problems with it.I sent it to a technician,but after 4 trials from him,the problem is here unfortunately. I see this.When I turned it on,the burr is turning,but...
by Ypuh, 49 minutes ago in Grinders
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Lagom P64 Flat (Option-O)

What makes you convinced the Lagom P-64 is worth its price tag? Hello everyone. I've read nearly all the posts in this topic over the course of a couple of days ( ) so have a general idea. However most reviews were just day after receiving your brand new grinder, so first reactions might be a bit clouded during the...
by BodieZoffa, Today, 6:01 am in Buying Advice
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Are two grinders necessary?

Might be necessary for those that are OCD with coffee. Kind of like those that splurge on multiple vehicles so each can be driven to accommodate certain types of weather. Might be helpful, but not practical for most people. I say for grinders just buy one specifically for the most used brew method and deal with the less-than-perfect results if...
by QuareCrack, Today, 5:30 am in Buying Advice
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Are two grinders necessary?

The Brentwood is a stunning looking grinder but much too large for my home setup. I am UK based and there is limited information on it here as well but it looks great.
by RobAnybody, Today, 5:28 am in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Victoria Arduino Eagle 1 Prima - Fix the rattling

you can try EPDM cell rubber, it is available in adhesive strips in different sizes and thicknesses (from various suppliers also in the Netherlands) cheers, Rob
by QuareCrack, Today, 5:02 am in Buying Advice
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Are two grinders necessary?

Thanks for your replies everyone, much appreciated. You have given me a few things to think about. I must admit, I had discounted the P100 as I thought high uniformity burrs were geared towards espresso. On closer inspection, Option-O specifically mention the 98mm burrs behave completely differently to their 64mm burrs and are more multipurpose. It could be a good...
by 5cylinders, Today, 4:58 am in Coffee Brewing
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Which variable of pourover do you hate the most?

For me, pouring, or agitation, wins (over water). Tons of recipes, a lot of fiction, very thin science. High, low, spiral, center, spin, stir, melodrip, lilydrip, turbulence, fluidised bed, one fat single pour, 3 pours, .4 pours, 1000 pours ... Poison is far more simple, and less suicidal.