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by espressojoe, 1 minute ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Which side is the top on this heating element?

Thanks. Is my drawing incorrect? I thought that since the heating elements seems to line up with that soldered pipe or thermostat (pictured below) that the wires should then line up as pictured in the 2nd photo below (with the writing on the left side of the new element). {image} {image}
by wrichad3, 21 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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OPV Pressure adjustment Rancilio S24

I checked brew pressure on my 2004 Rancilio S24 by ULKA pump OPV overflow/bypass 27cc/30 sec = 54cc/min which correlates to 12-15 bar median/avg ~13.5 by their chart. I have seen Silvia adjustments, but was wondering if anyone had tips on how this one is tweaked? Looks like I would need copper gasket/spacer rings. Thanks {image}
by mgrayson, 23 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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IKAWA Home - profiles

Actually, I've never seen a load indicator when using the Pro with an inlet profile. I should let it run for a few more minutes and see what it does. The posted profile was for the 50g Pro. With 100g, the beans near the center would just sit there rotating slowly
by mikel, 25 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Favourite espresso machine repair tools

Can't forget Evaporust, for older machine repair
by Tonefish, 40 minutes ago in Coffees
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Looking for a lighter decaf coffee

Yes, decaf beans are darker, and oily independent of roast darkness. I roast coffee beans regularly, including decaf. I drop them at the end of 1st crack which would be a light roast and they are always very dark and oily
by JaBK, 43 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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When is service no longer worth while?

Hi I'm new here. But I have enjoyed these forums for more than a decade. In fact, my first proper grinder and decent machine were informed by discussions on HB. Now, have anyone thought about something like this? - I seem to have fatal issues with my espresso machines every 6 years. I mean, parts needing replacement or
by blondica73, 48 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Should I upgrade my LMLM with the EMP mod?

I am about to pull the trigger on getting Rick Bond's EMP mod for my Linea Mini. Could you share your experiences and opinions for those who have the mod?
by jxyz, 51 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Distilling Water at Home?

I recently bought a Decent DEPRO1 and I'm using distilled water with 3rd wave for my espresso water. Right now it's fine and easy to use the 1 gallon jugs since the 3rd wave stuff is portioned for that, but I really dislike using plastic jugs of purchased water. I went looking on Amazon for a home distiller
by GDM528, 54 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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IKAWA Home - profiles

Cool, so they do drop the temp intentionally. It's like they're trying to duplicate the drying phase of a drum roaster. I don't drum roast, but the light reading I've done sez that 150C is on the low end of typical charge temperatures. I would've thought the Pro app would announce when it's time to load the
by Prairiedawg, 59 minutes ago in Cafes and Get-togethers
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The 6th annual Chicago/Milwaukee BBQ/Tapas/Now Pizza Party

Save the date, July 23rd is the day. That was tha day that would work for the most people. To the ones that cannot make that day, sorry but I had to pick one and there wasn't unanimous agreement. If you can make those day, then please come. If you don't have my address then please