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by MNate, 1 minute ago in Grinders
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Weber Key Grinder

I feel like he did talk a lot about in the cup... all the talk about body and it having more flavor separation than the niche but not as much as a big flat... a bit like a middle ground between the two (which I'm reading as best of both worlds, haha... ). I wouldn't expect him to do any...
by coffeemmichael, 3 minutes ago in Buy/Sell
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[FS] Breville Bambino + Accessories

Price drop to $330 total shipped
by civ, 9 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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Restoration of a Faema Lambro

Hello:Yes. Been there, done that. And bitched about too. Heat management when soldering this type of stuff is complicated. If I had a dollar for every joint I screwed up ... There's absolutely nothing like hands-on experience. 8^D You never get enough of that. That may do it, can't say for sure. But the secret to doing this is directly...
by luvmy40, 11 minutes ago in Grinders
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G-IOTA / DF64 espresso grinder

Shoot me a PM, I can get an anti popcorn device printed for you. Just send a link to the one you want. I'll ask my son to print it. Just pay the shipping.
by DaveB, 23 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Breville Dual Boiler Mods and Maintenance

Either of the first 2 silicone ones should be the same as OEM. Let us know how it goes.
by partick, 31 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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I soaked my Nuova Simonelli Oscar II's shower screen plate for cleaning and it looks tarnished. Is this bad?

I assumed during regular cleaning I should be soaking the shower screen and all attached in puly caff while flushing the machine, but the shiny shower screen plate that comes off with the screw has now been tarnished like this. Is this bad, and should I not have done this? {image} {image}
by walr00s, 34 minutes ago in Grinders
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Weber Key Grinder

Nah, I definitely don't think he's hiding some negative judgement. I just don't think it's neglect. Maybe he's of the opinion that if you use good coffee and a good enough grinder, the results are good and there's not any certain measured distinction of quality to be made beyond that. Or maybe he just doesn't want to enter the arena...
by Auctor, 39 minutes ago in Grinders
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Weber Key Grinder

Agreed, so then why do the review? Slow news week for coffee-related stuff?
by yertchuk, 41 minutes ago in Coffees
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Problems Grinding Decaf For Espresso

In my limited experience, you do have to grind finer for decaf. In my case, the Niche setting is 14 for Equator decaf, and anything from 17 to 20 for other medium roast beans
by MarRxK, 47 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Expobar Brewtus Steam Overpressure

Hello. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I've had my Office Leva Dual Boiler for 10+ years. Apart from a few LED segments missing on PID display, it has been rock-solid (NB: blank PID segments pre-date the about-to-be-described problem by a few years). The problem: Recently, the steam pressure rapidly increases to > 2 Barr within a few minutes of startup. The...