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by rustyfence, 9 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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ECM Technika IV steam wand design question

Well the mystery is solved now, so I thought I'd post for anybody who hits the same problem. Disassembling the hot-water wand revealed that ECM did indeed use a thread sealant on the ring nut (28) thread. There is no gasket, o-ring or anything else that will stop the water (or steam) coming back up through that thread. Kind of...
by Culainn, 25 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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Making my drum roaster spin faster?

Thanks for the reply CIV. I'd not heard of centrifugal force before. It's something I will take into account from now. 'Capuchin Monk' has actually already made a similar alteration to their Kaldi 400 Wide so I am using that as a starting point. I believe my drum speed is too slow based on feedback from an online course I'm...
by nick_111, 31 minutes ago in Water
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Bottled water mix suggestions for espresso machine

Thank you so much for your help and your response! It was quite enlightening. I am trying to infer some simple criteria that could be applied when mixing bottled water with demineralized water so as to get a water mix that is machine-safe (i.e. no descaling required). Is it safe to say that one set of such criteria could be...
by Culainn, 31 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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Making my drum roaster spin faster?

I bought this PWM board - {link} the inputs and outputs for the power and motor are labeled on the board so that's how I wired it. Red in and black out. Any idea's what might be going wrong? Thank you again for the support.
by DaveC, 35 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Suspect rotary pump needs replacing. Check valve chattering.

id usually expect the expansion valve to be in an easily accessible place (for adjustment), close to the side/top of the case. What would be fantastic is if all manufacturers additionally only installed the 1 way valve after placing the pump and boilers in the machine...would ensure they install them in such a way that pump head removal isn't required,...
by Jevsster, Today, 4:51 am in Buying Advice
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Eureka specialita or wait for Vario W +?

Hello, I'm about to get my first serious grinder, Ive been using a 60dll mr. coffee lol (Don't shame me :p), so far I've been using fine mesh strainers to compensate for the inconsistent grind size (awful lot of fines) and keeping just the coarse/medium grains since I only ever do French press, pour over or Clever dripper. But I've...
by BodieZoffa, Today, 4:18 am in Knockbox
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Allure of Espresso vs. Drip

For me so far nothing has came even remotely close to what espresso offers. Drip, pourover, press are just weak, thin and lacking. For the 96 grams of coffee I use to create 5-6 oz of espresso I can brew up quite a bit of weaker methods that are just never satisfying in any single way. The process is too...
by Jonk, Today, 3:21 am in Knockbox
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Allure of Espresso vs. Drip

This. It's not uncommon that I encounter a Nordic roast that I'm not able to get much or very good flavor with when brewing pour overs, but is fantastic as a kind of miniature 1:3 espresso concentrated pour over. Those are pretty easy to make, as long as the grinder is good enough. But on average I believe both espresso...
by malling, Today, 3:08 am in Grinders
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98mm Burrs for Brew

Yes in 98mm I agree especially as I think the taste is a more complex and with a very nice sweetnesses to it, then some of these SSP that can be kinda over clinical in their representation, with their relatively high clarity and tendency to one dimensional spot light.