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by tompoland, 46 minutes ago in Tips and Techniques
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Hydroforming tamper

Maybe it is the cliched "solution looking for a problem" and maybe I fit into the "fool and his money" category. It's not unusual for innovations to be with dismissed out of hand and sometimes deservedly so. But I've found from past experience that a meal consisting of "eating my own words" to be quite distastful so I
by MNate, Today, 12:03 am in Coffee Roasting
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IKAWA Home - profiles

The new app seems to connect without a hiccup. So that's good. Also... since this is the profile thread, the way it handles their preset profile options (without Advanced Editor) is much better because you don't have to rename one for each bean when it's always just Espresso Medium +++. At least I think that's what I'm finding.
by iyayy, Today, 12:02 am in Grinders
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Lagom P100

sorry since im asking about 64mm, but do you find ssp ls in p64 with brew to have tendency getting bitter aftertaste? i felt my df64 have that. just asking for your experience. lagom workflow interests me, but im not sure going to another 64mm is much of an upgrade
by Acavia, Yesterday, 11:58 pm in Coffee Brewing
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Full drawdown between multiple pours

Would the immersion aspect of the Switch, for each pour until drawn down, guard against the channeling or other drawbacks?
by iyayy, Yesterday, 11:55 pm in Grinders
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Bean flow restrictor for DF64

the anti popcorn cone does that, but still feeds the burrs in bulk. i prefer having it still because it lessen beans fly out. i do get more even grind on slow feeding with or without it.. excessive loading the burrs seems to cause some wobble. im curious would a nozzle/funnel works better? im thinking if we can not
by baldheadracing, Yesterday, 11:38 pm in Coffee Brewing
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Full drawdown between multiple pours

Allowing for full drawdown between pours really took off with Kasuya's 4:6 method winning Brewer's Cup in 2016, along with grinding coarser, lower pouring water temperatures, and a bit higher dosing (over 60 g/l). The Hario Switch recipe above seems somewhat similar to Emi Fukahori's 2018 Brewer's Cup winning recipe using the Hario Switch (although she used Laurina, and
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Which side is the top on this heating element?

Thanks for the info. I'll order some. Can the dezcal hurt the metal? I only left the citric acid in for 1/2 hour because I heard that it can hurt the metal. How long do you leave each batch of dezcal in? Can the dosage be increased to make a stronger solution without fear of eroding the metal away?
by The Bone Ranger, Yesterday, 11:20 pm in Grinders
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Lagom P100

My early April P64 has been pushed back twice now. Not sure whether this will affect P100's
by mingiunate, Yesterday, 11:19 pm in Lever Espresso Machines
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1957 Urania 2nd gen refurb

I worked on taking apart the valves while I mull over the plan of attack for the boiler. The gas valve was pretty straightforward to come apart. No major issues there. {image} The steam valve also came apart without too much trouble. I did have some trouble pulling the camshaft out the bottom, but rigged up the bearing separator
by mkane, Yesterday, 11:18 pm in Knockbox
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About those coffee grounds going down the sink drain...

Thats a C+ if nothing else