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Caffe Gambrinus's reasoning on heating the portafilter

I popped in there too briefly I think in 2016. Great memories of Rome I have and the gorgeous Roman pines on the horizon, antiquities and morning espresso at random spots stand out more for me now. Nice photo that brings back memories
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In search of a "good" brew grinder

I've done espresso-related coffee for many years and am quite happy with my current espresso set up (Londinium + MAX). Lately I've started to go down the brew coffee rathole and at the moment brew with V60, Clever and Aeropress (as well as Moccamaster for larger quantities). I have what I think are two acceptable brew grinders:
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Caffe Gambrinus's reasoning on heating the portafilter

Hi Chris- My comment went to the mechanics of service rather than taste, and I would agree that the appeal of their blend is a mystery. The can of beans I brought home was no better. I went there a few years ago now, and it looks like they've upgraded their machine, which used to be a single or
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Ponte Vecchio Portafilter Screen Logo

Hi Jason, Thanks for sharing. Would you mind sharing the link to the Etsy page where you got the portafilter screen? I have one from "OnePlus" but would be nice to have a second one using the Ponte Vecchio logo. Oh, and hello to a fellow West Coaster! Regards, Mike
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Dial in grind profile BEFORE or AFTER HX flush?

Thanks for the detailed answers from everyone. This is essentially what I was looking for. Since taste is what I'm after, and the temp relationship between puck and thermometer will likely be a fixed difference, I don't care so much about what exact temperature is hitting the puck. Just so as long as I'm in a
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La Marzocco Linea Mini User Experience

There was already a news message on La Marzocco having the best financial year in 2021 with a 60% increase over 2020, which was their previous best year. They were able to hire 90 new employees in 2020 and 120 more in 2021. Most has been due to the popular demand in the home consumer market, i.e. Linea Mini's and
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Lagom P64 Flat (Option-O)

Thanks for the responses guys. I really appreciate it. Yeah, in regards to the grinds. I'm just trying to get the lay of the land is all. Without hearing officially that it's a thing and expected, my mind goes in the direction such legit knowledge, for all I know this thing was sent out and used by multiple
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Extraction time varies drastically without changing anything

Good morning! I've been working on "dialing in" my new setup for a few weeks and I'm starting to get frustrated with my extraction times changing despite all else being the same (to my knowledge). Here's my setup and my process: Equipment: - ECM Classika PID with flow control - Baratza Sette 270wi - Has ground about 4-5 lbs
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Help: Bottomless Portafilter Spitting All Over Creation

Yes - well, I do, when looking at MSRP's and electric grinders. "High-end" seems to start at around $2500. To me, a Vario plus a hundred dollars or so for steel burrs and some Forté parts plus a half-day of work produces a very decent grinder for pourover or non-traditional (lighter-roasted) espresso ('or,' not 'and')
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Adding Gaggia Classic Pro to Robot setup?

No worries! For me any upgrade really needs to address a specific need. Because with a Robot and a solid grinder, our baseline is good lever espresso. Semi-autos get us the ability to pull more shots back to back quickly, but for me this is an edge case rather than a daily need (what, maybe twice a year? Guests can