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by thom8143, 1 minute ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Help! Lower Burr Carrier Bolt removal on Rio Super Automatic (aka Mazzer Major)

Any tips on how to break the allen head bolt in the image below loose? It is the bolt holding the lower burr carrier in place and it has withstood my best efforts even with my impact driver. Thought about spraying it with some sort of penetrating oil, but I am a little concerned about spraying that inside the grinder...
by El_hondero, Today, 10:49 pm in Tips and Techniques
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Distribution by massage gun

Bored at home, decide to experiment after seeing the nurri vibration distribution machine Grind , massage gun ,tamp , pull. {video}Seems ok no ?{video}
by chanty 77, Today, 10:41 pm in Coffees
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Verve coffee, in particular Sermon blend

Can anyone tell me what their experiences have been with Verve coffee as far as bean quality and correspondence, in particular Sermon. Thanks.
by grind727, Today, 10:05 pm in Buy/Sell
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[FS] Londinium L1 2016 (Raleigh)

Londinium L1 2016 Perfect working order. Recently re-lubed piston. Replaced piston seals with long lasting Bosco seals. Always used filtered water. Scuffs on drip tray are consistent with use for any stainless steel espresso machine. Comes with: 1 Londinium bottomless portafilter 1 Londinium tamper 1 four hole steam head (stock) 1 two hole steam head (for steaming smaller quantities of...
by daveR1, Today, 10:04 pm in Blog
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Lucca Atom 75 Espresso Grinder - Comments

I saw accuracy improvements with cryo treated rifle barrels when I was shooting competitions. Don't recall any mention of increased durability due to cryo treatment
by ShotClock, Today, 9:44 pm in Coffee Brewing
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Coffee going from tasty to lifeless in hours or max few days

I'd suggest an experiment - see if you can provoke palate fatigue with known good coffee, while taking your storage and equipment out of the equation. Go to a cafe that sells a large amount of coffee, and will sell you near identical pour overs from the same green, while ensuring the coffee is not stale and the equipment is...
by mgrayson, Today, 9:38 pm in Coffee Roasting
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Ikawa Greens for Ikawa Home Roaster

Yes. If I'd ever learned patience, I would have roasted the sample pack one or two profiles at a time and watched the beans evolve. Well, in a week or two, I'll see which ones look more interesting and focus on them. I'm definitely doing the "10 pounds of Guatemalan" exercise, but that will be in parallel with one of...
by casey herring, Today, 9:29 pm in Buy/Sell
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[FS] New Slayer Single Group - still in crate (Vancouver, Washington)

I bought this two months ago for a remodel we were doing and I was going to set up a sweet end game espresso station, unfortunately the layout had to change and I have significantly less room for my set up now so I have to pivot and sell the Slayer. Its new, in the crate and not touched other...
by MNate, Today, 9:14 pm in Buying Advice
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Decent DE1XL or DE1XXL? Or Synesso Home?

I have the XL. You can adjust the steam flow rate and many of us have actually turned it down to .6 or .8ml/s, sacrificing about 5 seconds of speed on 100 grams of milk in favor of finer micro foam. (I'm at 25seconds for 100g). So I wouldn't even use more speed. I once had a machine that could...
by LindoPhotography, Today, 9:06 pm in Grinders
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Is the 1Zpresso K-Plus magnetic container better than that of the J-Max?

I've only had one shot on a friends JX Pro, and I have a k-plus, so I have experience with that one, but from what I've heard and what I can tell the K series burrs are designed to be a bit more consistent and uni-modal which I don't think is totally possible with a conical burr grinder but it...