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by Agathorn, 6 minutes ago in Grinders
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Ditting 807 Lab Sweet user experience

The grinder is not seasoned. But how can it be to fine if the brew us done in 2 min 30 sec including the 30 sec blooming? I will try a coarser grind tomorrow and I will post the results!
by Marcelnl, 9 minutes ago in Knockbox
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Traditional singaporean Kopi

This is a fancy version of how I learned the Indonesian version of a brew; Kopi Tubruk (which IMO is quite similar to a cupping protocol) {video}
by OK31, 12 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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So frustrating to pick a grinder!

I haven't seen anyone mention any of the Eureka models. their new Mignon now has a SD option. I personally went for the Specialty 75 (Atom) and could not be happier. The bellows hopper may seem to be a bit of a gimmic and it likely is but didnt stop me from getting it in a smoked
by OK31, 18 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Wife demands better espresso machine

In reference to BDB I'm one of the nay sayers on it. Have had it now for I think 4 years, sent back to breville at least a handful of times, received a BRAND NEW IN BOX as replacement under warranty (they were out of referbs) and had to send it back in for service within a year.
by RobAnybody, 34 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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Lever Espresso Machine Gallery

I doubt anyone here could leave it alone if one of those turned up! Very nice add-on to your collection! Cheers, Rob
by millmountain, 59 minutes ago in Grinders
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Why clean my Niche Zero?

This is a good enough reason for me. I enjoy taking the Niche apart and cleaning it. Of course, I'm so cautious it takes a lot longer than five minutes
by fransg, Today, 7:42 am in Tips and Techniques
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PUQ press mini

The mini tamper allows me to skip the dosing ring, the raking / needling / distributing / wiping of grinds. Very easy work flow now. {video}
by fransg, Today, 7:39 am in Tips and Techniques
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Spiced up with licoroce

{video}A (very tiny) bit of pure licorice powder (dried and pulverized juice from Succus Glycyrrhiza glabra plant) sweetens espresso and intensifies its taste
by txxt, Today, 7:29 am in Grinders
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Ditting 807 Lab Sweet user experience

Agreed. I don't do my pour overs at anything below 8. Also, did you season your grinder or is it still being broken in?
by Janika79, Today, 7:07 am in Buying Advice
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Decent espresso de1pro or xxl? Which Model for small Cafe?

Since you want to use the machine for a cafe, I would make sure how easy and fast can you get the machine repaired and serviced. As far as I know Decent's service network isn't as wide spread as for other manufacturers. Stopping serving coffee because the machine is down for a long time isn't the best thing for a