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by NotThatGuyAgain111, 6 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Lelit MaraX Pump Installed in Mara

I have a plan to change on my Lelit Victoria the pump for the MaraX and to add Quick Mill pulsor as well. How did you fit the pulsor? Any additional things to order for the connection. Do you happen to have a picture from the pump and pulsor connected?
by mreloc, 6 minutes ago in Grinders
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Lagom P100

Has anyone gotten any insight into when the P100 may be available? The last update on the website was from last November. I've sent them an inquiry 4 days ago and I have not received any response (which I find a bit strange from a customer service perspective)
by LewBK, 7 minutes ago in Coffee Brewing
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Aluminum vs Stainless Steel Moka Pot Brewing James Hoffmann

Although Hoffmann struggled on this one, one conclusion I drew from his video is that a heat diffusion plate really helps with moka pots. Has anyone here tried this? Does it lead to better tasting coffee?
by truemagellen, 18 minutes ago in Coffee Brewing
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The Little Guy (was: Otto) user experience

I see i know there are some machines that have basically an OPV inline before the puck and so the pressure builds higher than just straight steam through the puck but usually those release at 2-3 bar and then it floods the puck with that rush of water where it is at high temp and cools a bit with the
by swiftcoffee, 28 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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Fluid Roasting - Flow Chart Suggestions

Thank you for the helpful reply! I hope I am understanding your last question. Below is the type of bean I am working with. Crown Jewel - Ethiopia Organic Halo Bariti Addisu Kidane Raised Bed Natural Thank you! Mark
by baldheadracing, 34 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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Roast Mag Free Roast Summit 2022

FYI, 9am-3pm is PST (noon to 6pm Eastern) The discord server that I setup for last year's event is still available for (text) chat among H-B'ers. Here's an invite: {link} (If the link is broken/expired, then please send me a message and I'll update the link.)
by dumpshot, 36 minutes ago in Cafes and Get-togethers
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Phoenix Crawl, Monday Feb 21

I won't be able to attend unfortunately. I fly out that morning to balmy Minneapolis for a business meeting. Super bummer. Pete
by baldheadracing, 36 minutes ago in Coffee Brewing
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The Little Guy (was: Otto) user experience

It doesn't have a mechanism like the 9barista or Bacci stovetops for high pressures. There is a valve, but actual brew pressure is dependent on the puck's resistance (grind size and prep)
by jpender, 45 minutes ago in Coffee Brewing
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The Little Guy (was: Otto) user experience

It sounds like it's in between moka and espresso as far as pressure goes. I've read claims that it produces about 3 bar but not sure where that number came from. In this video the creator says it's "about twice the pressure in a car tyre": {video}