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by landdogger, 3 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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'94 La Pavoni Europiccola: long time to heat up, then trips fuse

I was able to get the machine up and running again. The problem was [as these things usually go] the result of my own error. The device stopped working right after I had replaced the safety valve. The old ball bearing was getting stuck (suddenly releasing steam instead of gradually) so I swapped it out with a the new teflon...
by luvmy40, 45 minutes ago in Water
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Why does mineralization matter for an RO water system for coffee?

Another reason for remineralization is that pure water is not conductive and most electronic water level sensors cannot detect it. This, obviously has no bearing on pour over or most emersion brew methods. It can be a huge issue for boiler machines.
by renatoa, 46 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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Odyssey Espresso (OE-1 Lever prototype)

Exactly, everything depends how is implemented the app. If the author is wise enough to make the protocol open source, then we can have a breakthrough in this field... and a significant reason to increase interest for this platform, as a "decent" budget machine.
by civ, Today, 8:10 am in Espresso Machines
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Cimbali Junior D1 - it took 11 years...

Hello:Yes, a real PITA. More so when you fill the D/1 manually, like I do. Due to low mains pressure in my appartment, I have rigged a switch (interrupting the sensor -> Gicar lead) to fill the boiler when the machine is cold. Otherwise (on auto) the boiler would slowly empy back into the mains supply. But it's usually a...
by Frankc1450, Today, 8:06 am in Coffee Roasting
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Yemeni Coffees

I just bought three Yemeni coffees from SM. The Sana Ib Highlands is outstanding! Cocoa, spices, is great as an espresso and my wife loves it for lattes. I roast dark, well into 2c.
by Jesse.F, Today, 7:52 am in Espresso Machines
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The Matrix Shower Screen

Pulled my first two shots today. It wasn't the best timing, but I am trying a new bean as well (good dudes coffee, ethiopian) . Despite grinding to fine in both shots, I had the driest puck I've ever had. Usually when I pull the portafilter there is a little pool of water on top of the puck (gets absorbed...
by pizzaman383, Today, 7:50 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Odyssey Espresso (OE-1 Lever prototype)

With the right software you can track the shot pressure against a previously saved profile while you are pulling the shot.
by RayD, Today, 7:46 am in Grinders
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Weber Workshop HG-2 teaser

@djcuvcuv Here's hoping! (re the swiftness of the resolution) I'll follow up with them tomorrow. I don't know which batch(es) of units the flaw is present in, their words to me were "some of the first units". I do know that I was in the first round of the pre-sale. I could ask, but at the same time I don't...
by versusqc, Today, 7:46 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Odyssey Espresso (OE-1 Lever prototype)

I understand the benefits of having the pressure profile saved if it can be re-played, but in this case you do have to go through the motions every time to pull the shot, so is it just a difference interface to the same data, or does it really bring interesting insight post-pull and/or allow from real time coaching from the...
by renatoa, Today, 7:34 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Odyssey Espresso (OE-1 Lever prototype)

Today the main buzzword in the coffee extraction is pressure profiling, so it has a lot sense... if related with a fair price... The smart guys selling today profiling kits for classic machine charge more than 300 for such feature alone, which is a steal, imo... but hey, request and offer...