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by LaNovice1982, 3 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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New Rocket Giotto Problem with Group Head Pressure

Ok, I just received my Rocket Giotto Cronometro R, everything seems ok but when I pull a shot the pressure goes up to 9 bars but when its done the gauge rest at 4 bars. May seem petty but I'm thinking something has to be wrong, I tried contacting where I bought it and of course it will be 5...
by shfu1234, Today, 3:58 am in Grinders
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Ditting 807 Lab Sweet user experience

many many thanks, coffeeOnTheBrain, now it makes sense !! and of course I will be running the grinder while changing setting from now on.
by yakster, Today, 3:33 am in Grinders
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Weber Key Grinder

Yeah, but this will benefit the people who ordered theirs airfreight.
by GDM528, Today, 3:13 am in Coffee Roasting
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New Ikawa Home Roaster - 100g capacity

Next chapter in my quest for a true dark roast on the Ikawa Home: . What the iOS app sez is a dark roast, is really only a City roast. The temperature setpoints (as viewed in the Android app) are easily high enough to hit 2C, yet their Dark +++ only hits 1C for a couple minutes before cooling down....
by Marmot, Today, 1:49 am in Espresso Machines
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The Picopresso

I measured the tamper at 51.47mm and the stock basket at 51.55mm at about 2 to 3mm depth. I guess 51.5 or 51.6mm will be perfect but 51.8mm might be too wide. Some users on the facebook group for Wacaco products used 51mm screens off aliexpress with 100 microns (there are also 50 and 150 micron screens) and reported good...
by Jmalpica, Today, 1:33 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Got this mexican-made lever machine, any thoughts?

I wasn't on town so I couldn't reply. Thank you so very much for all your input. I will look up the grouphead once it arrives but it does seem so close to the La Carimali grouphead and the Ponte Vecchio Lusso body.
by chanty 77, Today, 1:19 am in Coffees
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Looking for a very flavorful medium to medium-dark roasted coffee

Will definitely let you know how I feel about American Beauty. Will open the bag in about 2-3 days. Looked into Malabar Gold, seemed really pricey, plus you have to buy 5lbs. at once. Sometimes they will have a short span of time where you can buy 2 lbs. until it runs out. I don't ever want to commit to...
by Jeff, Today, 1:01 am in Tips and Techniques
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Shot diagnosis - patchy naked portafilter - images inside

I never had much luck with the middle-position "preinfusion" claims with a reservoir machine. It seemed to be far too uneven and unpredictable. It was more like a dribble than something suitable for evenly wetting the grinds. I'd try skipping that and, if needed, as suggested above, loosening the grind if you can't get reasonable flow.
by BaristaBoy E61, Today, 12:58 am in Water
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BWT water filter replacement indications

OK, I get this. But why should I care unless the filter is used for cold or room temperature drinks? As it's being used exclusively for espresso with a machine that's programmed to turn on at least 1-hour before use with a brew boiler that's about 205˚F and a steam boiler that's about 254˚F, what bacteria or pathogens can grow...
by Marmot, Today, 12:57 am in Espresso Machines
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The Picopresso

I forgot the scale. I found a super tiny one that weighs only 30 grams and can weigh only up to 200 grams but I thought it' enough to weigh beans and maybe shot weight. {image} The grinder is a no name product I got for about 30 dollars on Aliexpress. It has the same stainless steel burrs and adjustment...