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by Bradyvil, 1 minute ago in Espresso Machines
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Mod/Upgraded Breville Bambino Experience

Thank you for more feedback, by "nothing made much of a difference" do you mean you couldn't get the Breville to succeed, or are you saying the Breville didn't taste a ton different than other options? As for standard baskets, I'd be using IMS basket and shower screen. So that may help a smidge. I'm not just trying to be...
by emradguy, 1 minute ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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The Londinium R24

Compressa can. Can't speak for LR24, since I don't own one. You can accelerate the warm up a little by flushing the group a couple of times. Putting the machine on a smart plug or other timer would allow you to turn it on (manually or automatically) in advance so it can warm up.
by boren, 4 minutes ago in Grinders
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Grinding coffee beans stored in a frozen bean cellar without defrosting?

I plan to move the beans to storage 9 days after roasting, which is close to optimal in my experience. I use a Gene Cafe roaster, and ~9 days after roasting usually works well for both darker roasts (where it's the end of their "prime") and lighter ones (where it's the beginning). I normally roast to medium level, so it...
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Lever Wanted

I'm not sure "over pay" is accurate for the used market. If you're looking at Kafatek grinders, which essentially sell for the price of a new one, the price is still fair. You're eliminating the difficult process of acquiring a new one, the very long wait, and the need to season the burrs. Those things are worth a premium. The...
by bokhamees, 6 minutes ago in Grinders
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I have eureka olympus 75e and i have proplem

{image} {image} {image} hi my proplem is the coffee stuck in the place i pictured and when i clean it it gets trapped again after tow or three uses and then the coffee become tastes bad because the old coffee mixes with the new i tried remove thise part but nothing improve
by DanN, 29 minutes ago in Coffee Brewing
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Building a better Phin

I am a fan of the Vietnamese phin and I believe you can make a stellar cup if you know how to use it correctly. In fact all old school dripolators, German Walkure's use the same concept. Thang long brand in Amazon carries all sizes in one place and I believe it's called Fitzy shop. I bought all models 6cm(...
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Grinding coffee beans stored in a frozen bean cellar without defrosting?

Perhaps the biggest factor in grinding frozen beans might be if frozen too soon post roast that they might not have had sufficient time to degas and properly age to optimal taste.
by Mbb, 57 minutes ago in Coffees
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How many grams do you drink per cup or per day?

29 g per 16 oz cup Two oer day
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ACS Vesuvius Evo Leva

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1953 Gaggia Classica 1 Group

I forgot to note two additional things from yesterday. as I was cleaning the piston I noted there was a decent amount of play between the rack piece screwing into the piston and the rack itself. The rack is a three piece assembly involving a pin that secures two pieces together. By design there is a little play where the...