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by orbarya, 4 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Rocket Giotto Premium Plus - Very long time before water comes out of grouphead

Very good I will order this kit as well! thanks for the help homeburrero and Jeff! What recommended videos are there that explain how to replace the valves and gaskets and everything else I am ordering? is this one a good option? I basically have no knowledge of the e61 group head structure and how it works but I'm eager...
by malling, 49 minutes ago in Grinders
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New Eureka Mignon Single Dose Grinder

It cost exactly the same in my region as the XL and Oro SD both is €600-650 included vat this is from official reseller and not dusky companies like ECS.
by fuzzy_panda, Today, 4:41 am in Grinders
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Inconsistent shot times on Ceado E6P?

Thanks for the reply guys. Just a note, I was purging for about 3-4 secs every morning before I pull my first shot. I also purge 3-4 secs when changing grind settings. One thing I noticed is this year is it's been a very turbulent spring for us, hot and humid one day and cooler the next. The last 2...
by warlock, Today, 3:50 am in Coffee Roasting
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Coffee roasting machine - Help needed

Hey Barista fam! While I have most of you here, with some wonderful suggestions, may I go as far as to ask you all to recommend me some roasters that use electricity as source of energy and are semi-automatic or automatic in its operational nature? Although most of the manual - gas powered machines are really attractive, I am keen...
by warlock, Today, 3:46 am in Coffee Roasting
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Coffee roasting machine - Help needed

Thanks mate, I'll try to collate all the matrial on this and give it some learning time before buying this. Just see, how compfortable I feel about this.
by AndreH, Today, 3:42 am in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Astoria AEP.2 Element cutting out intermittently

Hi, I have an Astoria 2 group AEP.2 and its been working perfectly for the past year. In the past two weeks or so the element has been cutting out, seemingly for no reason. There is always sufficient water in the tank. To get it work again I have switched it off at the wall plug and/or the unit's switch...
by warlock, Today, 3:41 am in Coffee Roasting
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Coffee roasting machine - Help needed

Hey Mate, are you talking about this machine? {link}
by warlock, Today, 3:38 am in Coffee Roasting
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Coffee roasting machine - Help needed

Cheers mate, thanks for sharing your experience. If its not too much of an ask, can you please share Links of the machines you mentioned. I am keen to read more about it. I cant wait for the tasman bubble to open again, how is everything in Aus?
by BodieZoffa, Today, 3:03 am in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Rancilio Silvia spitting out some black specks

With the cleaning, etc. you're doing I'd use it if all appears to be fine. As long as you have good flow rate from the group, steam wand and of course during an extraction I'd call it good. Of course scale can become an issue with machines sitting unused awhile IF the water used is in question, but I wouldn't...
by drgary, Today, 2:28 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Spring Lever accidents

My spring lever locks in the down position. I only cock it after locking in the portafilter filled with coffee or partially cock it to do a group flush. The machine is mounted high so the lever is easy to pull down. When I do so, I am standing back and to the side, clear of its travel. Although I...