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by another_jim, 7 minutes ago in Grinders
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Eureka 75mm burrs

Um, same coffee? As coffee ages, the beans soften, and there are less fines, You'll need to tighten the grind to get the same flow at the same dose. You will also notice the taste go flat. Generally it's far better to up dose than to tighten the grind as coffee ages.
by fizguy, 11 minutes ago in Grinders
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Eureka 75mm burrs

Thanks for the replies!
by baldheadracing, 16 minutes ago in Grinders
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Orphan Espresso Apex Grinder

I've only read of one person claiming this, but they have repeated themselves a number of times in multiple threads here. People point to the Prima video ({video}) but Prima doesn't say anything about the taste of the Apex vs. the EK; only the differences in grinds distribution. I'm not saying that the Apex is not a great brew grinder;...
by stefano65, 29 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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La pavoni machine found. Help!

Crossroads espresso (first in the bay area then in Eugene) was the sole importer back then, it's what a early 90 or so?? the label should tell you, it is a manual style similar to e-61 grouphead (parts inside a little different) therefor the control box should be the least expensive to some levels, however be careful in dumping $$$...
by Auctor, 31 minutes ago in Knockbox
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Allure of Espresso vs. Drip

On first blush, it seems like more people here at HB are chasing the perfect espresso shot more than they are chasing the perfect brewed coffee. Why do you think more people are focused on espresso? Are people chasing different flavors, or textures? Is espresso more flexible than drip (straight, caps, lattes, flat whites, macchiatos, con panna, vs.... Cream and...
by bobkat, 31 minutes ago in Water
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R Pavlis water and need to descale???

Thank you Lucas and Pat!!!
by Manresa9, 43 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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La pavoni machine found. Help!

I am setting up a studio in a warehouse by my home and needed to clean out a ton of stuff. I found this old la pavoni machine. I haven't tried to set it up and run it but wanted to get an idea about the story of this model. It's a la pavoni p/sei and it's beautiful. Can anybody...
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New Jackrabbit Coffee Give-Away

Thank you Home-Barista and Dan! And a thank you to all the participants in this contest. We are looking forward to you trying some Jackrabbit Coffee!
by jpender, 55 minutes ago in Knockbox
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Scales and design

You can buy thinner load cells. The one in my $20 pocket scale is 6mm thick. The one in the Brewista scale looks very similar. And thinner ones are available but quite a bit more expensive. The details of load cell design might be interesting. I wonder if a thinner one that is non-linear but can be corrected for in...
by DrAri, 56 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Cleaning Mazzer grinder

Thanks this is helpful, I suppose I'll keep it where it is in terms of cleanliness and when take it off in the future if I ever need to.