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by Stanford55, 6 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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QUALITY filter grinders

I've been considering much of the same things as the OP-at the risk of hijacking their thread, but nevertheless hesitant to start yet another one on the general topic, may I ask if you feel the Sweet would produce noticeably different (read: not 'better') flavor profiles than say, a Kafatek MC3 for light roasts? Enough to warrant getting
by Jeff, 38 minutes ago in Grinders
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Hacking the DF64 exit chute

This thread is still very relevant with the June batch through Espresso Outlet. Though there have apparently been some improvements made to the upper burr carrier, the declumper and chute are seemingly unchanged. I have not seen changes to either of those reported in other markets
by Nickb13, Today, 12:29 am in Coffee Roasting
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Mill City 1k/North TJ- 067 Artisan Phidget settings

I changed smoothing settings and it really helped
by Jeff, Today, 12:21 am in Buying Advice
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$1500ish budget for new or used semiautomatic

If you're set on a used, E61-style machine, I'd keep your eyes open for a double boiler or a Lelit Mara X -- it is basically the only HX machine that I can recommend considering new these days. It manages the group temperature with its PID, which no other generally available HX machine does. There are all kinds of claims
by robfincher, Today, 12:12 am in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Boiler and Coffee Cup Heaters on Monza 5010 not heating

Thanks for the info John. Somebody told me that the numbers 1 through 6 on the touchpad diagram in Chris' Coffee Service Owner's manual represent the numbers for the password. The password 23234 might be generic, or a factory reset - I'll know more when I get the machine working again with its new pump. Again, thanks for your interest
by jb-0101, Today, 12:09 am in Grinders
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Burr "sharpness" / tooth angle / outfall

Just realised its "outfall" not "fallout" - can someone change the title? Thanks
by seinfeld11, Today, 12:07 am in Buying Advice
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$1500ish budget for new or used semiautomatic

Looking for a nice home setup semi auto machine for brewing a couple shots each morning. Only must have is that it needs to have a water reservoir/can't be plumbed in. I've had super autos in the past but time to fully upgrade. Loved my old school lever machine but would like something easier. Got a Niche Zero grinder and
by jpender, Yesterday, 11:51 pm in Grinders
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OE Lido 1 - Help!

It's just a jar. A particular size with a lid that has a certain threading. I bought a compatible jar for my LIDO 1 as a backup in case I broke the original. I don't have the details at hand and I'm traveling. But since you need to replace the lid too I think that gives you some leeway in
by ShotPull, Yesterday, 11:29 pm in Buying Advice
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Popular Knock Box?

On mine you have to use the center of the basket because if you tried to use the neck, about 1/4 to 1/3 of the puck would be over the outer edge of the tub. I still don't know why I'm not having grinds fly all over my kitchen but so far (knock on ... well the knock box!!)
by ShotPull, Yesterday, 11:26 pm in Grinders
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Hacking the DF64 exit chute

Has this issue been fixed on the latest release of this grinder?