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New to gas roasting - please help!

Its hard to talk about Environment Temperature, where is it being measured, what is it actually measuring and is it useful? With your perforated drum I have no problems believing what you say. In my case im using solid carbon steel with a cast iron 2nd outer "wrap" so a little dip in my outer rear
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New to gas roasting - please help!

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La Pavoni Ideale 1929

The machine has been on almost all week now and so far so good. I have tried many coffees and have really dialed back the grind setting. I think it still needs a coarser grind but it is getting there. I also tried an Italian pre ground brick (Kimbo) and it was actually a gusher. So
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Ditting 807 Lab Sweet user experience

In your case I would try going finer even if it tasted bitter now. 2min 30sec is a very fast brew. I usually brew between 7 and 8 but on my Ditting I pull light roasts with long preinfusion at around 2.6 to 2.8. Sometimes I have problems dialing in a coffee and feel like it tastes bitter or
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Espresso spiced up with licorice

I bought the pure licorice powder in The Netherlands from an online drugstore. Jacob Hooy Droppoeder pot (250g) -> {link} {image}
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Wife demands better espresso machine

Yes, but you made the difficulties yourself with that starting-list -and 87,4% of those comes from coffee and grinder, does not help plenty adjusting the coffee-machine like mad doctor in movies from 50.s But we are living in interesting times, waiting for hear the moods as you get hands on the new toys. BTW using plenty
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Fluid Roasting - Flow Chart Suggestions

I've read that natural-process beans have an extra outer coating of carbohydrates compared to washed beans, and that coating is more prone to scorching and burning. So, I lean toward thermal profiles that spend the least amount of time above 200C bean temperature. I also avoid thermal profiles that spike the temperature early in the roast to speed
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Ditting 807 Lab Sweet user experience

Tried two V60 at grindsetting 8. Also lowered the brew temperature to 90 degrees C. Still bitter after taste. Not really better at all. The grind is now really course. Strange
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Ikawa Home thermal performance

I did try monitoring exhaust temps, but it was much harder to interpret the results. The air goes through many expansions and compressions between the intake fan and the exhaust port, and the air pressure fluctuations will affect the temperature reading quite a bit. I suppose over time, one can gain enough experience with the temperature behavior at
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The little Guy (Was: Otto) user experience

Looking at the Little Guy and thinking of getting one. It would be nice with a user's experience thread where we could compound and expand the forum's collective knowledge. Do you have one? I would much appreciate user input, and so would everyone else here in the forum of course Website is here: {link} What