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User Experience with the Strietman CT2

Duty is handled federally and is independent of State. Where are you getting this information?
by EnnGee, 8 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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Elektra Microcasa a Leva owners: How often do you replace gaskets?

When I got my Microcasa in 2020 the owner had rebuilt it with new gaskets. I just pull the piston out when I clean the machine and relube with food safe grease when I put it back. No problems, super smooth, and the gaskets still look good as new. This is in contrast to the Pavoni which often got
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Arco by goat story

Classic problem when someone assumes holding tight tolerances will make 2 seemingly identical coffee grinders adjust the same. Ira
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Profitec Pro 300 vs 600 Technical Details

Hey all, I've been looking at getting a proper Espresso machine to replace my current setup, a Nespresso machine. I have been looking at multiple options at multiple budgets incline the Sage (Breville) Dual Boiler, Lelit Elizabeth, Profitec 300 and Profitec 600, and I have now decided on the two Profitec models. Now I'm very new to anything
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The hunt for best Italian roasted coffee beans

If it tastes good and has plenty of crema then it's fresh enough. The problem with purchasing from amazon is the uncertainty of the age of the coffee one receives. I'd read about people getting Cartapani Cinquestelle that wasn't that old but I wasn't so lucky. Would you be happy with the coffee you have if it were 9 months
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Comparing Monolith MC3 to MC4 and beyond

Hey Mike, Thanks for you input, much appreciate it. The shots with MC4 have been stellar and the cortados and flat whites have been delicious with medium and medium dark roasts
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La Pavoni Professional loud heating up noise?

As a new La Pavoni Professional owner I'm a bit surprised about the loud noise the machine makes when heating up. Please check recording of the noise at {video} (setting volume to about 60% produces correct levels). Is this normal? I understand boiling water makes some sounds but still no other espresso machine I have owned
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Quickmill E61 flow control device - do they work with Vibiemme Super Domobar E61 espresso machines?

No. It replaces the screw in mushrooms of E61 heads with a new screw in mushroom that contains the valve. Removing the valve parts and trying to machine your bolt-down mushroom to make the valve parts fit would be insane... Maybe someone will start mass producing them someday, but I don't believe such a thing exists for VBM
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Weber Workshops Key Grinder - user experience

I'm keen to hear about the C40 vs Key comparison for brewed coffee. My key is to arrive in September. I've been using a C40 for about 5 yrs for brewed coffee. I don't have an espresso machine but am planning to purchase a Cremina. I actually bought and then retuned a Lagom p64 last year. After using
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Espresso machine upgrade recommendations, please!

Did they give you a re-calibration procedure, to reset the burrs to zero, after replacing the gearbox? If not, sounds like you might want to request that