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Lelit MaraX

I was hoping that somebody can help me with the Timer mod for the Lelit MaraX. {link} I have purchased all hardware and got the 0.96 Oled screen working with some examples. I have a lot of experience with a Raspberry Pi so this is my first Arduino project. The next step is to apply the
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La Marzocco Linea Mini plumbing specifications

I have mine plumbed in using a 4 meter 1/4" Polyethylene Tubing, no issues so far. I know other people also did this. I'm guessing maybe that spec comes from their commercial machines? I'm curious if there's another explanation
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Wife demands better espresso machine

Any e61 machine should be given 45-60 minutes to come up to full, stable operating temperature. That's how I program my smart switch for my Profitec 600
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Profitec Pro 600 Review from a Pro 500 Vet.

It's you, who should deal with it. Call your dealer or manufacturer and complain. No espresso machine manufacturer gives you this kind of information so what's your point? And no dealer will have 20 machines lined up and brew you different drinks on them so you can decide which one to buy. That's the way it is.
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Wife demands better espresso machine

Yeah i'm going to plug it in a smart switch. I checked many reviews and with Pro 600, heating time is closer to 30 min, some even say they pulled espresso with only 15 min heat up time and didn't taste a difference
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Wife demands better espresso machine

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3 Burr Sets, 1 Grinder. Worth It?

I was only referring to 64 mm SSP HU vs 64 mm Gorilla. From what I can remember the 98 mm SSP is much different from the 64 mm HU regarding burr geometry and profile. Pls correct me if I am wrong as I have only personal with the 64 mm SSP Multi-Purpose set
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For Andy Warhol Coffee Fans

$499.99?!@3%* A fool and his money are easily separated
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Water treatment - How to compare before/after

That's excellent. I assume it was one drop on a stretched sample, so you have very low total hardness and calcium hardness down in the single digits. Might want to try calculating again. When I do TDS=135 ppm, alkalinity = 116 ppm as CaCO3, calcium hardness = 8.9 ppm as CaCO3, temp = 120 C
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1962 Faema Urania Refurb

A big congratulations for the very nice restauration! Whaw you sure did a great effort in building up that machine to its former glory. In my early career (2000-2010) i used to work for faema. I never had a lever machine repair as they ran out of fashion. I did the full automatic machines x5, x3, x53 and ofcourse the