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ITO/Leva! Controller - Q&A + Experience

Note that the pump control for profiling won't work in the US due to the power frequency
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Rancilio Silvia weird behavior with PID (solved)

If your PID is configured to use SSR+alarm (OutY = 2) your alarm setting shouldn't impact brew performance. If you're in limit mode (OutY=6), then it would. I don't have steam control configured so disabled both alarms by setting AH1=AL1, AH2=AL2. Is AL1 or AL2 in use for your steam temp? This image is from the brew-only
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Odyssey Espresso (Argos Lever prototype)

That's not an accurate reflection of where he is at. I think shipping in April is optimistic but there is plenty of evidence to give me confidence in this project
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Lagom P64 Flat (Option-O)

Agreed, but centrifugal force can't be the only reason, because with the new declumper screen the problem is less pronounced. The workaround (stirring) helps though
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DIY PID - Koffie Project

Thanks! - Blynk is an interesting option I hadn't come across, definitely something to consider/investigate when I migrate it to an ESP32. Right now the encoder is handled natively (position comparison). It's accurate, but it could be a touch smoother, if I'm honest. - Project currently uses a TMP36. Like you said, much less overhead, and very easy to code
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New Eureka Mignon Single Dose Grinder

He is in fact more criticising the vibration and the effect it has, meaning they need to do something about it, vibration from grinders are really an annoyance. He actually say he likes the old school sound as it takes him down memory lane, but that it might be over the top for a home appliance.
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Riviera leaking past piston seals

with a bit of luck (and maybe some swearing) you could fit something like this above the middle seal {link} it should provide you the extra mm. Hopefully the expansion of the seal due to the compression won't increase the resistance to much (the flexibility of the lip should takecare of that). With an O-ring you'll probably have to
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New Eureka Mignon Single Dose Grinder

Well I ordered one from Clive coffee today when I ordered my Synchronika. I'm nervous about all the potential issues but I wanted to give it a shot, as I really wanted a flat burr SD grinder that didn't require the missing the DF64 did. I seriously considered the P64 and may still go that way if this
by Giampiero, Today, 2:10 am in Grinders
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New Eureka Mignon Single Dose Grinder

I can't said much about this grinder due to i have not, but the last video ( from 10:37 to 10:47) it showed a clear "over vibration" that unless it's caused by a non well tighten silent blocks or under sized silent blocks, could be an unbalancing of some of the rotating parts, rotor, burr carrier or burr it self
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Weber Key Grinder

I heard that there are more than one brand of motor used for the key, and one type is weaker than the other and can cause stalling duo to motor weak torque? Not sure if true but one particular buyer was talking about it on Instagram that he got the weaker motor and it's causing issues with