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by coffeenoob123, 1 minute ago in Tips and Techniques
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How's my espresso?

Thank you so much for your detailed reply. I will try those things and give it another shot (ha). I am definitely using the basket wet and not clean each time, so I will try that first, as well as giving my machine and portafilter a cleaning. I have another question. How do you guys manage your cleaning rags?
by RedBarchetta, 9 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Profitec Pro 700 PID temperature offset - how to change it?

For anyone who's done this before, does this look about right at 209F? I'm trying to get a Cafe Cartepani Cinquestelle dialed in and there is still a tinge of sour at 205, went to 207 and got a little better. Which makes me think I need to go one more degree C higher on the PID
by olutheros, 11 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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Colombia El Alquimista Red Honey Pink Bourbon

Agree with the above post. Did a quick 150g freshroast batch of the pound I bought, ended up a touch darker than I would've expected based solely on the drop temp and development time, with a little more weight loss, but is incredibly candy sweet. I've tried a couple other coffees from Edwin Norena/Campo Hermoso roasted (gold-washed from
by luvmy40, 18 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Wife demands better espresso machine

Another vote for the BDB. It ticks all your boxes except being able to adjust the OPV from outside. I've never understood the obsession with adjusting the OPVs. Unless they bypass at too LOW a pressure, who cares what the max pressure is. They are a safety device only. They have zero bearing on the brew process. That is all
by Gargamel40, 25 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Wife demands better espresso machine

Love the look of Puristika. Looks like it also has a PID and you can set a brewing temperature and it also shows the time when you pull the shot. So it's got everything, just hot water tap for Americano. Looks very tempting indeed
by zero610, 27 minutes ago in Coffee Brewing
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SSP 98mm "Brewing" Burrs

Any insights from those that are using these burrs in a variable speed grinder what differences high vs low RPM are making in taste?
by CoffeeMac, 31 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Upgraditus - Mod La Spaziale Vivaldi II, or a new espresso machine?

Yes - the Londinium does use a "flick valve" for steam and hot water, so you get pretty much full power when you move it in any direction. You do have some ability to vary power at the beginning, but it is a small range. I tried steaming just 50g of milk in my 25cl pitcher this morning
by Pressino, 34 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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E61 Flow Control Device and pressure

Arafel is correct in that the e61 FCD is basically a throttling valve that controls FLOW rate and indirectly under specific parameters & circumstances can control pressure. With a pump that operates at a fixed pressure you cam throttle the valve as close to fully closed as you want but if the outflow offers sufficient resistance (up to and including
by IamOiman, 36 minutes ago in Knockbox
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Do you add sugar to your espresso?

anything straight (at least for Saka, I have tried light roasts and did not add sugar to those): yes, about a tsp of cane sugar for a double shot and half a tsp for a single. anything added (milk drink, coffee alcoholic beverages, etc) I do not add sugar