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1957 Urania 2nd gen refurb

I think TSE carries all the parts, I do not think the square shape works that much different than the triangle shaoe, if needed yoiu could always shave off some metal with a file
by GDM528, 17 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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Some lessons after using a fluid bed roaster for two weeks

When you think you've got it dialed in I can port to the Home. The motivation for doing this has me wondering: How important is it to duplicate the Pro's pre-heat/bean-load process? Are there some essential flavor notes that can only happen by briefly exposing the room-temperature greens to really high heat before the drying/carmelization/development phases? I
by Paul_Pratt, 36 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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1957 Urania 2nd gen refurb

Ascaso used to sell the part but they stopped many years ago unfortunately. {image} I would try straightening the bent valve. The triangular section is just to allow water through and as long as the valve is free to move inside the body you will be ok. I can't give any tips on how to bend it
by erik82, Today, 3:19 am in Tips and Techniques
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I think I really need to improve my puck prep

The extraction on Reddit doesn't seem that bad. How much have yoyu ground with the Sette? After around 10kg of beans it should give better results as burrs are breaking in. If you only have gorund around 1kg with it and this are your extractions then your good. Ofcourse you can improve but it's far fgrom as bad as I
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Heating element changed in Londinium

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The Picopresso

I would agree with that, if it's not dripping from the sides then the seal is sufficient, but you don't need to go crazy for that to be accomplished. I screw it on until there is some resistance, then give it a quick hand torque and leave it at that
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La Frankenbali (La Cimbali Max w/ SSP MPs)

Thanks for posting the funnel pic. It does look tight for the beans to get in. Well done! Please, share your findings after you dial it in. If your SSP MP burrs are new, then you might need to season them first. If they are already seasoned, I think you should be able to dial it in soon
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SF Bay Area Cafe/Coffee

I have some VIP's coming thru SF next month and I'm game-planning on the best recommendations for SF cafes. I'm pouring thru that list (thanks Yak) and elsewhere. Our cafes in the SF area don't blow me away, but I reserve hope
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Quickmill Achille stopped heating

I would 1st suggest downloading the manual of your machine including an exploded parts diagram and wiring diagram so you could begin to understand how things are connected and supposed to work. With the machine unplugged, open it up and look for things such as connector plugs that might be loose, burnt or otherwise defective. Check any resettable (red)
by Almico, Yesterday, 11:50 pm in Coffee Roasting
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Airflow Experiment

It's nice to know where your "max heat transfer" point you can ensure setting your airflow well below it. As long as the cigarette lighter trick indicates that enough air is moving through the roaster to evacuate smoke and chaff, you're fine. Bringing the air to the "max air transfer" level makes controlling a roast much harder.