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Odyssey Espresso (Argos Lever prototype)

Found mine in spam folder, please check yours...
by Marcelnl, Today, 3:09 am in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Help! Lower Burr Carrier Bolt Removal on Rio Super Automatic (aka Mazzer Major)

the lower burr carrier is not that difficult to remove, just screw in three longer bolts after removing the lower burr and turn each bolt at a time to ease the lower carrier (seem to recall Paul Pratt mentioned this in an old post I read a while back).
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Rocket Giotto Premium Plus - Very long time before water comes out of grouphead

Hello again, Sorry to revive this old topic but I still need help as I didn't order any parts yet. I'm thinking of ordering from the following items: 1. E61 GROUP PRE INFUSION VALVE 2. E61 GROUP BREW LEVER VALVE 3. E61 GROUP DRAIN VALVE 4. E61 GROUP SPRING KIT looks like it contains all the springs related to...
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Lelit MaraX

I'm pretty new to the game of prosumer espresso, and have only had my MaraX for ~2 months, but from what I read the order should be almost opposite if you want most consistent temperature and most steam power (while in "X Mode", of course). My process is: 1. Pull shot 2. Clean portafilter, group, while pressure builds to ~1.5...
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Decent DE1XL or DE1XXL? Or Synesso Home?

Of course, this is correct. We had a bit of a misunderstanding and this posting led to further discussions which cleared things up. This won't work so I put the order on hold while I decide whether to either replace my S1 with the XXL and take. over its electric connection, or instead order the XL and plug it into...
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Coffee roasting machine - Help needed

1kg BK roaster is about $3k USD. Freight is LCL and varies to which port it is sent to. Regardless of price, any of these are a much better option a bullet if you seek a true 1kg capability. contact the sales people, they are very helpful and will assist you with all of your enquiries.
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How much do you have to spend on basket/tamper?

(tampers are) "barista jewelry" - Heather Perry
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Espresso quality machines you know

Hi all! I'm curious for what your opinion is about what are the better espresso machine out there capable of outputing the thickier, syrupy texture and delicious espresso. Whether your opinion based on your experience\information you seen in the web or from a friend, I would like to hear. I was able to make thick syrupy texture coffee with my...
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Tamper Recommendations

In the first video, Lance rakes it twice for better result. I suppose it's even better if raked 3 times?