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by RobAnybody, 2 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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'94 La Pavoni EP: long time to heat up, then trips fuse

Does it heat up faster with the sleeve in? I wouldn't expect it to stop the thermofuse from tripping, the old fuse used around '94 cuts off at 152°C {link} so your new one ~25°C earlier.You would also expect the cirquit breaker to flip with a burnend out element, it would create ground fault. Does the resistance accros the terminals...
by 2NDCRACKER, 10 minutes ago in Grinders
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Are Burrs Patented?

Id like to know if Mazzer burrs are protected by patents since companies like ssp are making exact copies of them. It seems like no restrictions what do you guys think?
by FiveFingers, Today, 1:05 am in Espresso Machines
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Lelit Bianca User Experience

Dude (my roaster) said his coffee burns hotter than 195. I felt like that was preeeetty cold compared to what most people run their machines at, so I put it at 198.
by elkayem, Today, 12:26 am in Espresso Machines
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Lelit Bianca User Experience

Out of the box, the Bianca is set at 203F. Curious why you changed it to 198f?
by Yan, Today, 12:16 am in Grinders
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Orphan Espresso Apex Grinder

I don't think something is blocking, it just you don't push the handle straight to the PGB, try to spin the auger slowly left and right and push the handle slowly it will enter seamlessly... {image}
by BaristaBoy E61, Today, 12:13 am in Coffee Brewing
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Cowboy Coffee

I used to take some ground coffee & a 1-cupper and always did fine. In fact this was my set up before espresso! {image}
by Jeff, Yesterday, 11:56 pm in Buying Advice
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Temporary Home Coffee Setup

The Robot seems like a great choice for relocation. For travel, weight is of the essence for me. A plastic Melitta or V60 and a Porlex served me well for many, many years. I'd probably go with a 1Zpresso of some sort today (based on what I read to be reasonable grind quality at a reasonable price), as the hand-grinder...
by Pressino, Yesterday, 11:43 pm in Grinders
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1Zpresso J-Max review

I just got the J-Max from Amazon and just got it dialed it for some relatively dark roasted decaf espresso beans. Took about 4 tries to find the right spot after starting at the middle of the 1-Zpresso grind range. Took a bit of getting used to the very fine steps (90 per ring rotation), but wasn't that hard. Two...
by Castillo2001, Yesterday, 11:21 pm in Buying Advice
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ECM Synchronika with Anthracite

Delivery took a bit longer than expected, WLL said there was an issue with the first order and pulled a second order. My guess is they noticed something during bench testing and decided to send me a different unit. That's just my guess and if that was the case I'm not mad at that. Figure I would post a picture...
by Pressino, Yesterday, 11:13 pm in Buying Advice
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Flow control maintenance

The ECM FCD is different from the one shown in the video clip and different from the one shown in post #13. It should look like the one in post #12. To get at the needle/spring/valve seat (the jet equivalent) you need to unscrew the mushroom. For that you need to get a thin spanner or adjustable wrench into the...