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by Brewzologist, 23 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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First home roaster

The Behmor is solid and parts are reasonably priced. Joe also provides upgraded parts to help you keep it current. If you get one, run it in manual mode from the get-go. Search the Roasting forum as there are some helpful posts on the Behmor. And yes you'll need to vent to the outside. Even with the afterburner a lot...
by yakster, 27 minutes ago in Coffees
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Interesting recent articles on infused coffees, carbonic maceration, etc.

I ran across a Cup Of Excellence Instagram post several days ago and they're getting ready to release a Taza talk on Adulteration in Coffee. One of the panelists is Sasa Sestic. I suppose one if the issues with this could be food allergies triggered by the special processing of the coffee. {link} The comments on the posts get a...
by Pressino, 43 minutes ago in Coffee Brewing
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Kona Peaberry ($70 bag) Brewing tips?

Speaking of costly beans, I got a 100g bag of Luwak Coffee in the fridge (the stuff is pooped out by Civets in, I think, Indonesia). I got it as a gift by friends who brought back a couple of bags after they visited the place. We tried some brewed from beans freshly ground from a bag they opened and...
by boren, 47 minutes ago in Grinders
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Thank you Nunas for sharing your impressions of this intriguing grinder. If my Sette 270Wi ever dies and is beyond repair, the ZF64W will be at the top of my list. Beyond the dimensions of this grinder, do you see any drawbacks compared to the Sette?
by yakster, 48 minutes ago in Coffees
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Allergic reaction to coffees from a specific geographic region (Yemen in my case)

I hadn't heard of this before. I tried the link but it didn't work. I love coffee from Yemen, though it's usually not in the budget for me. Just got done roasting Uganda Sipi Falls Natural and Panama Elida Natural Catuai.
by ira, 57 minutes ago in Grinders
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Counter-clockwise hand grinder or burr?

Etzinger burrs are to the best of my knowledge not made in Italy. I would guess the Etzinger hand grinder uses the burrs from the Sette or the EZTMax or whatever it's called. Ira
by ira, Today, 7:32 pm in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Expobar Brewtus IV - No power to brew boiler when steam switched off & it keeps restarting when both are switched on.

The way the earlier Brewtus worked was the pressurestat was set up as a spdt switch. The off position gave power to the steam boiler and the on position gave power to the brew boiler. I believe the way the brew only switch works is taking the power from the steam boiler and moving it to the brew boiler so...
by Jesse.F, Today, 7:20 pm in Coffee Roasting
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First home roaster

Thank you for your reply. Capacity was my main concern with some of the cheaper roasters. I would like to be able to roast more than Terri days of coffee at a time. Plus, assuming I learn to do a decent job, I do have people who'd appreciate it as a gift. At the time of my original post, I...
by boren, Today, 7:12 pm in Buying Advice
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Are two grinders necessary?

The Sette is considered a bad grinder for coarse grinds, even by Baratza. Are you using the original AP/S1 burrs that come with the grinder, or the BG/S2 version that's supposed to be slightly less bad for coarse grinds?
by Nunas, Today, 6:55 pm in Grinders
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New (to me) gravimetric grinder

I have one, as do one or two others on H-B. We've posted reviews of a sort. This recent thread (which is running off topic) "Are two grinders necessary?" has links on page 2. I also have a Sette 270Wi, which as noted is gravimetric. The ZF64 (and its aliases) will still be going when the Sette is dead and...