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Decent Espresso news

The only change from v1.42 to v1.43 is the tablet stand now sliding in. No other changes. As to the group head changes, they're delayed likely by 2 years, to v1.5. R&D has become very, very slow in this COVID age. Prototyping companies have either gone bust, or tripled their prices, or (often) producing low quality stuff. We received 10...
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Expobar Office Lever to..?

Good evening everyone. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I have an Expobar Office Lever that I purchased from WLL over 2 years ago. I have it paired with a Sette 270WI. This setup is serving me very well, and I primarily use it to craft milk based drinks. Between my wife and I, we average about 4 milk...
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Grinders, grinders, grinders.... what's wrong with me?

I was just trying to be funny with my comment. I realize there are other more expensive hobbies. (cycling an on going money drain however) About ten years ago the local high end stereo store sold a McKintosh system for $190,000 if my memory serves me well. Yikes.
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Pour Cleveland - US partner for many Nordic roasters

Being from Cleveland, I'd definitely say these guys are a great group of coffee experts. Their own roasted stuff is pretty great too, Nordic style FYI. JB
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Closed loop pressure control - Is it worthwhile?

Several of us old timers have played with dimmers on vibe pumps, although I can't recall anyone PIDing it -- congrats. I think you can make it work providing you don't expect too much. The response is nearly instantaneous, so lag problem for tuning is not an issue. What is an issue is going below about 4 - 5 bar,...
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Odyssey Espresso (OE-1 Lever prototype)

Nino, check out {link} Some of the open boilers may not produce the size shot you'd like, but they are so cool. Both spring and manual lever types. Thing is, why NOT have a steamer? Just because YOU don't do milk, learn how, and treat a guest to a real Italian style cappuccino. The OE1 (unfortunate naming, IMO)looks like the...
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Ditting 807 Lab Sweet user experience

LeverCraft WDT tool {link}
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Low pressure on BDB shots

In the last maybe 3 weeks, I've noticed my shot pressures (normally steady at 9 bar, are pulling at 8 and below...5 seconds PI at 62...same basically as always. I've recalibrated my Niche...which ended up near exactly to the dot as before. Here's what's odd...when I do a end of session 15 second blind filter back flush, it reads perfectly,...
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The Matrix Shower Screen

Does y'alls flow look like the one in this video? {video} The flow from mine looks like the one on the left. Very even but not as advertised. I'm sure I'll hear back from them sometime next week, just curious if it's just mine.
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Ditting 807 Lab Sweet user experience

I NEED to know where you got that WDT tool. It's just what I'd like! Please!