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User Experience with the Strietman CT2

Definitely not
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DIY PID - Koffie Project

Hi all, I've been working on an open source PID controller for espresso machines - "Koffie." What I've got so far is a solid, easy to use, and affordable PID ($60 USD in parts) that's generic enough to install into most espresso machines. However, I'd like to continue building on this and make it a great fully-featured device
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New in roasting, how to understand the graph

Hi, very interesting I have the same roasted than you in fact the previous model D350G I have just made my first roast monitored with artisan, I was a bit overloaded by evens, but very fun. [youtube] {video}[/youtube]
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Buying discounted beans 6-8 weeks past the roasting date. Good/bad idea?

Hi all, I buy my coffee from a local roaster and, every now and again, they sell coffee beans 4-6 weeks past the roasting date at a 20-25% discount. I know this is a highly debatable topic but, if coffee is best enjoyed 3 months within the roasting date, that still gives you a 6-8 weeks window of
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Choosing a reliable dual boiler machine in Doha, Qatar

I think there is an Alex Duetto for sale on coffee forums uk. I would rather get a quality machine like that used than one of the three you mentioned if the price was about the same. Of course it would need a bit more counter space
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Choosing a reliable dual boiler machine in Doha, Qatar

Hi Everyone, I am a new member but long time reader of the forum. Thanks to all the contributors over the years who have guided me on my espresso journey. I am posting for the first time because while I have many of the same question as others on the forum my geographical location makes my choices a
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Odyssey Espresso (Argos Lever prototype)

{link} Then when in the server, go to #lever-machines (channel) > odyssey-argos (thread)
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First espresso machine - high end single boiler or low end double?

I didn't know about the preheating of brew water on the Elizabeth. It's good to know they work on these kind of problems. It's a bit of a gamble to choose a machine now wwithout knowing if your wife will enjoy using it or how much you are willing to experiment with it. Another solution I can
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Ikawa Home thermal performance

May not have a probe buried inside an actual bean, but I can infer a lot based on how it influences the environment around it. For example, I can get pretty close to the temperature of an ice cube by stirring a bunch of them in water and measuring the water temperature. I make a similar inference by
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Niche Zero not pushing out ground coffee

That is weird, It looks like manufacturing issue. Niche should support you on that