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Eureka Atom 75 vs Monolith/LCU/EG-1

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NEW* ECM Classika VS USED* Rocket Mozzafiato Type R

I guess it's just really quite in my kitchen. The temp sensor is spot on with the table provided in the Rocket manual (PID is set to 120). {image} Congratulations and also a surprising twist. It has none of the requirements stated in your OP (E61, PID, shottimer) and is a largely unknown machine from an unknown manufacturer. Can't follow,...
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Flow profiling, new member

Hey all new member here. Breville dual boiler with slayer modification, I enjoy flow profiling but would like advice or where to look for profiling especially with dark and medium to dark roasts please, pre infusion times, grams per second when etc. Such a huge site of knowledge and know how, we'll yep I've fried my brain trying to find...
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Ceado E37s is a nightmare

On ANY grinder if there are beans in it you need to have the grinder running when adjusting finer. You CAN go coarser while not running but it's bad practice and you're not training yourself to always run a grinder while adjusting. There's no reason not to get into the habit of doing this all of the time. There sure...
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Ultra little grinder?

Thank you! That indeed would be a great price.
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Ultra little grinder?

Well that was the price someone in China got hold off, he told me that in a Facebook coffee group. This one would be interesting though, horizontally mounted 64mm burr sets, I have some doubt in regard to ultra light nordic roast.
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Quick Mill QM67 Flow/Pump Help

Great news, enjoy your coffee.
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ECM Technika IV steam wand design question

Hmm mayby if it's an older unit - the spring has gotten weak from sitting in there and provides insufficient pressure to properly seal between the two surfaces? But yes they may have used some sealant I saw some in the threads when I took my classika wand apart, but in the actual wand not the nuts holding it in...
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15 1/2 inch Cabinet Clearance - Recommendations Grinder and Prosumer Espresso Machines - Budget $3500

The Breville Dual Boiler is about 15"tall. It has a front fill door which is extremely convenient. While it's not a simple job to plumb it in like some machines, it has been done. I used a float valve for a while on mine to great success, but I just fill from a water jug now as I am using...
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ECM Technika IV steam wand design question

An update. So I worked on getting a better fit between the ball and socket. I did this by putting the "ball pan" in a drill chuck, applying a little fine polishing compound, and spinning the ball pan seat over the ball. The profile of the pan and ball are now as close as they're ever going to get. Unfortunately,...