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by CathyWeeks, 23 minutes ago in Knockbox
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Brewing on the water (and roasting)

I know this is very late to the party, but I've had some really good luck storing my fresh (roasted) beans in the following manner, using relatively inexpensive, and semi-low tech methods that do not require electricity. 1. I use amber glass canning jars to block out as much as I can. Like these, which hold 473 ml of liquid...
by mdmvrockford, 24 minutes ago in Cafes and Get-togethers
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Chicago-Milwaukee-NW Indiana Area Get Together

Jim, please have some water ready:) I will be bringing this cask strength Scotch {link} that is my favorite Scotch (that I own). Per Glenlivet's website on cask strength Scotches it is perfectly acceptable to dilute with water. My father certainly does. I don't dilute it as my esophagus can handle the heat OTOH Boss' 196 proof Polish vodka is...
by mdmitch2, 29 minutes ago in Coffees
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Saka Caffè in the States

So this is kind of wild.... I just got notice that the original missing coffee is suddenly scheduled for delivery today. Since it wasn't insured, Saka was only reimbursed 100 euros for the package, so they had to eat the cost of the replacement coffee -- approximately $675 in value. It would be great if we could sell this coffee...
by Jazzhd, 46 minutes ago in Buy/Sell
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[FS] VST 15 & 18Gr + IMS E61 Shower Screen

VST Precision Insert baskets 15 and 18 Gr, ridgeless: Experience uniform extractions across all groups for the first time - permanently. The essential espresso filter for those in search of the ultimate cup. Each new VST precision filter is optimized for use with its specific capacity. It also features improved structural integrity, 20% heavier than standard filters, highly polished inside...
by Brewzologist, Today, 12:03 pm in Coffee Roasting
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New thermocouple setup/ first time Phidget-ing

Also, I would expect the BT probe (2mm right?) to be cooler than the ET probe (3mm right?) regardless of probe diameter. With my drum roaster, as you move higher into the drum, and closer toward the exhaust port, the temps go up due to hot air rising. This can also be affected by where incoming air comes into the...
by Brewzologist, Today, 11:54 am in Coffee Roasting
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New thermocouple setup/ first time Phidget-ing

The thinner the probe, the quicker it will respond to changing temperature. It might be that the 2mm probe is responding faster to temp changes than the 3mm and analog probes, which have more mass and thus are slower to respond to change. One way to test this would be to warm up the roaster with no beans in it...
by another_jim, Today, 11:44 am in Coffees
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Dominican Republic Ramirez Estate Aged Natural

It sounds like a new take on a very old style of coffee prep. In Chiapas, Haiti, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, in the 1800s, coffee used to be done natural, then dried on roof tops. It didn't get to the roasters for about a year, and competed with similar naturals from Yemen and the Indonesian Islands. That was how...
by Pressino, Today, 11:33 am in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Leak on Profitec Pro 700

Great. I should read through all the posts before chiming in! It's an easy fix.
by another_jim, Today, 11:30 am in Cafes and Get-togethers
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Chicago-Milwaukee-NW Indiana Area Get Together

There may be more bourbon than coffee; I'm going to have to stock up on branchwater and alka seltzer. Seriously, this is looking really good.
by JRising, Today, 11:24 am in Espresso Machines
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Strange noise on Rocket Giotto R

I've got to agree with DaveC. It sounds like your expansion valve is harmonic at some point during the "filling of the pre-infusion chamber" stage, thus the expansion valve/OPV is being opened at something less than the the max brew pressure you would want the pump's bypass valve set for. Make sure, as DaveC mentioned, the OPV is adjusted to...