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by Janika79, 6 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Decent espresso de1pro or xxl? Which Model for small Cafe?

Since you want to use the machine for a cafe, I would make sure how easy and fast can you get the machine repaired and serviced. As far as I know Decent's service network isn't as wide spread as for other manufacturers. Stopping serving coffee because the machine is down for a long time isn't the best thing for a
by millmountain, 7 minutes ago in Grinders
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How (not) to clean the burrs

Cleaned the Niche Zero today after about 3-4 kg and absent-mindedly took it to the sink and used soap and water. Then a niggling in the back of mind mind said, "Uh, wait. Why was it I've never done this before?" Too late, so I did a quick search and the first explanations were that the burrs rust very easily
by bakafish, 11 minutes ago in Grinders
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Ditting 807 Lab Sweet user experience

I dialed to 8 for 14g beans and 8.3 to 8.5 for 20g beans (804 Lab Sweet) for V60 with 46 method. Total time 3 min 30 seconds. The extraction yields were 20.5% to 21%. I think 7,8 for 36g beans is too fine
by FORDHAM, 54 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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Olympia Cremina - steam wand replacement

My Olympia Cremina is also from 72 and I have the same problem, did you get any solution from Migg Frei? I'd like to change that barite but I can't find that nut as it doesn't have a normal thread pitch
by renatoa, Today, 5:51 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Chinese ALM lever

More coffee "distillery" tools {link}
by GEGIJr, Today, 5:48 am in Tips and Techniques
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Help: Bottomless Portafilter Spitting All Over Creation

I would hope your $2500 grinder is better than my $570 grinder otherwise you got shafted You are pretty much spot on with the suggestion I use dark roast, grind coarser and pull a larger ratio. That's pretty much what I do. It helps that I don't even like most light roast coffee especially with a
by malling, Today, 5:04 am in Grinders
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Momentem: First Dual Burr Two Phase Manual Grinder

Yes it's too large but to fine meshed for this to actually work. I sieved allot and I just don't see this work, sieving anything below 400um is a massive annoyance and take considerable time to be repeatable, I just don't see how it would work and be effective at it. Below 400um don't just dislodge itself
by vze26m98, Today, 4:58 am in Grinders
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Weber Key Grinder

Got my ship notice from Weber last night, east coast US. IGG #129, onyx
by objective1, Today, 4:58 am in Coffees
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Blue Bottle coffee beans larger volume?

@Alan what you describe sounds like what they told me.. A good shot of that coffee should be heavily viscous to the bottom of the cup.. rich deep chocolate, and have a looonnnggg lingering chocolate finish... i can remember the finish literally an hour after drinking the shot... A very nice
by Agathorn, Today, 4:23 am in Grinders
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Ditting 807 Lab Sweet user experience

I have tried a lot of V60, Chemex and filter brew using a moccamaster and I run into the same issue on them all. The tast up front is really good. But after about 5 seconds of taking a sip there is a shart bitterness coming through. This morning for example I brew a V60 with 36 grams using 7,8