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by sternocleido, 4 minutes ago in Coffee Brewing
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Is high coffee:water ratio a reflection of uneven grind?

Hey folks, I have been experimenting with my V60 brews lately. I am logging TDS (estimated with a cheap-o Brix meter) and extraction (using formula from coffeeadastra), and seem to be getting somewhat low extraction yields at around 18-19%. I have tried a couple of things - tested several techniques (continuous pour/pulsing, stirring etc), grind sizes (decreased it as far as I could down in grind ...
by TonyC, 4 minutes ago in Home Roasting
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Quest M3s drum lubrication on front spindle

Nunas, thanks for follow up. I have posted a photo of the spindle area in question (assuming I posted correctly), but don't see the slot you are talking about. Might you be able to highlight the area you are referring to? Thanks! {image}
by Piperjoe, 5 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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1960 Faema President out of storage

I had a closer look at the e74 seal and it looks in pretty bad shape, i am going to unscrew the brass triangle from the seal to clean it up. I also sent out a few emails to various suppliers hoping to find the parts needed so i can reassemble the valve and try it out. Thanks for the advise.
by spressomon, 8 minutes ago in Knockbox
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What are your more "out there" espresso pairings/uses?

Roast beet chocolate ganache frosting; a Valentie's Day fave. I also like to dust the pork shoulder cubes with fine espresso grounds, along with cumin, Mexican oregano, etc., for my Chile Verde... {image}
by Spindrift14, 9 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Profitec Pro 700 dispersion plate erosion

Hi there Relatively new espresso user here - I have found the forum super helpful but wasn't able to find an answer to my question so I thought I would ask it here. Briefly, I've been using a pro 700 for the past six months and enjoying it very much. I was cleaning the dispersion screen area this morning and noticed that the brass dispersion plate was unevenly discolored or eroded. Being new to th...
by vanko21, 12 minutes ago in Grinders
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Coffee grinder help

I'm new to the forum. I read a lot. Help initialize this. It looks like Mazzer, but is something right or wrong? thanks {image} {image} {image}
by BaristaBob, 19 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Breville Dual Boiler, five+ years on

Bravo...Peter...we'll done!! Maybe a harder thing for most BDB newbies would be taking the top off. A good video follow up might be how to remove the six screws and support the top to replace the o-rings. Keep them coming my friend!!
by belegnole, 34 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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Scace thermofilter temperature measurements Profitec Pro 800

It's a 20 amp machine. Which shouldn't be a problem if you're home is up to date. As most kitchens should actually have 20 amp wiring for their outlets at this point. Many like mine have 15 amp outlets and just have to have them replaced with a 15/20 amp style or a 20amp. If you have the traditional 15 amp outlet, check your wiring. You may be lucky like I was.
by rmongiovi, 35 minutes ago in Coffee Brewing
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Reusing pour over filters

Sure, I see your point. Saving the planet one coffee filter at a time. I sort of doubt that's the most bang for the buck, conservation-wise. I have gravitated to paper filters for two essential reasons. One is that they remove some of the coffee oils which have been linked to increased cholesterol and having had a heart attack I have to attach some importance to that. Two is that when my coffee is...
by millmountain, 48 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Lelit Mara X vs. Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Cronometro R

To my understanding, a stainless boiler is more solid than a copper boiler, and copper is more prone to leaching, which is probably eliminated by internal plating with another metal alloy, and to limescale buildup. Both have good temperature stability. So longevity, and it should handle higher pressure or can be more compact for the same pressure rating. Shouldn't taste a difference in the cup, un...