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by AtlasRearden, 27 minutes ago in Tips and Techniques
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ECM Synchronika / Ceado E37S - New Owner

Thanks for the tips. I do have a bottomless portafilter, so maybe I'll get that out to start testing with. Sounds like some good ideas for me to play with. I actually do have a vacuum sealer, so that's a good strategy to break up the beans for into smaller batches for the freezer, since I do think 1 kg...
by JB90068, 40 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Which espresso machine under 5k for light & dark roasts

You should be able to get a Synchronika for around $3400. An LM GS3 will likely put you over your budget but not by a lot. Either of them are excellent and not something you will outgrow. When you are ready for a new grinder be prepared to spend an additional $2500 - $4000 for something that will be equal...
by boren, 45 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Can a short post-shot flush cause thermosyphon stall on non-HX E61 machines?

I'm not sure about the reason, some suggest it is related to trapping air. It was mentioned many times that a short flush could cause thermosyphon stall. Some examples: "1", "2", "3", "4", "5" (see last sentence). I have a grouphead thermometer, but why would it help in deciding the length of a "cleaning" flush *after* the shot? I...
by JB90068, Today, 3:37 am in Buying Advice
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Is it even worth having a low espresso budget?

I'd go with either what Boren or dsc106 are recommending. I also agree with Cafe Ike about saving up and pulling the plug on something great. You may find that hand grinding gets old. If it were me in my general early morning uncaffeinated state of mind, I'd be afraid I might give the dogs tail a few strong cranks...
by JB90068, Today, 3:21 am in Buying Advice
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Best espresso machine for light roasts?

Also - Buy once, cry once. The grinder is absolutely the most important piece of hardware. I know this because I started with a $500 flat burrs grinder. Big failure. Then went to a $1000 flat burrs grinder which lasted only a few weeks because I wasn't able to pull the flavors I knew the beans had. I then spent...
by JB90068, Today, 2:45 am in Tips and Techniques
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ECM Synchronika / Ceado E37S - New Owner

Congrats on a great setup. The Luna is an excellent choice as well. Everything that Jeff says is spot on. I will add from my own experience with my Synchronika that having the FC open to 1-1/4 will yield too fast of a shot in most cases. I don't open my FC more than 3/4 and that's not for the...
by another_jim, Today, 2:38 am in Buying Advice
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Dual grinder combo: Niche Zero (espresso) & Baratza Vario+ Steel Burr (filter) - thoughts?

FWIW, over the years, for cupping and brewing, I've used a Bunnzilla, a Vario with brew burrs, and now the Fuji Royal with ghost burrs. There is not much between them: the flats have a slight edge on body, and the ghost burrs on clarity (I've gone to a 12:1 brew ratio for anything except ultra-light cupping or third wave...
by jevenator, Today, 2:35 am in Coffee Roasting
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Greens Alert

"Honey" recommended me a coupon "ROASTNOW10". Just picked up 30lbs. Needed a new coffee to roast for in-laws and myself for latte's, Thanks! I'll probably chime in the bullet roast along in a week or two.
by Raglo, Today, 2:12 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Dead spots appear later in the shot

by mwills, Today, 1:57 am in Coffee Roasting
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Quest M3 : Disassembling to swap heating elements

I had already contacted Coffeeshrub - they told me to contact Molly. Still no reply to my mails. Anyone else able to source these elements? This will be my second replacement so I have to imagine others will need them as well.