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by BaristaBob
6 minutes ago
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How do you know when to stop stretching milk?

Just a couple more things (like you need more). I always chill my pitcher in the refrigerator so that its temp is the same as the milk, around 40F. Second, only bring it out of the refrigerator when you are ready to steam. Third, get that tip as soon as possible into the milk and start tearing and hold
by CarefreeBuzzBuzz
20 minutes ago
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New Kaldi Wide 400 center 306 + Artisan Questions

More importantly you should note the contraints of the 306 from the "Artisan Device Page". CENTER 306 / VOLTCRAFT K202 Dual K-Type RS232 Interface (9600-8N1), cable included ... Minimal stable sampling rate in Artisan: 4sec If you can afford to switch to Phidgets to use 1 or 2 seconds. Some will say the 306
by baldheadracing
22 minutes ago
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Is there a gold standard grinder that doses accurately by weight?

I use "the Accountant" bean doser to fill up a bunch of little jars. It is one of life's little luxuries
by skink91
27 minutes ago
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Lance Hedrick and other coffee influencers

TLDR; Except... I tried, but your own attempts at dripping wit and humor but not getting to a specific point felt merely manipulative and not substantive. For example, your categorical minimization of what either LH or JH actually may have to offer from their previous experience to a discussion of products (or coffee topics in general) made
by JohnB.
39 minutes ago
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Talk me out of a Bosco Sorrento

Which is why you leave it on during the day. The Bosco is a commercial machine designed to run 24/7 if you want. Mine comes on at 5:30 am and goes off at 5:00 PM
by coyote-1
46 minutes ago
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Isomac Espresso Machine Upgrade - OPV Solution?

I'm not thinking about protecting a valve. I'm thinking about protecting users from the consequence of a buildup of too much steam pressure. In any event, multiple folks have stated that the existing 'bypass' valve cannot be adjusted. If that's true, the OP would still need an adjustable OPV - unless the machine is already running 9 bar or
by malling
1 hour ago
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New Timemore Electric Grinder

It can obviously not be per click on a stepless grinder, it's a collar adjustment fundamentally and like all such it's more an approximate change per markings
by Marmot
2 hours ago
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Portafilter for vintage Faema Faemina

Thanks a lot!
by fourrunner
2 hours ago
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Breville Express BES840CB pump problem

OK. I looked at the circuit board and found the BT136, sensitive gate triac, was corroded. I have never worked on a circuit board before, my soldering skills and understanding of electronics are basic but I thought I would give it a go at replacing this $1.00 part. What could possibly go wrong. Fortunately nothing did
by Marcelnl
2 hours ago
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Portafilter for vintage Faema Faemina

good luck hunting for a brown handle...If I see one I'll post it!