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    "UNPLUG THE MACHINE BEFORE STABBING THINGS WITH STABBY THINGS." --John (JRising), Breville Dual Boiler short circuit
  • HB: Check out the New Jackrabbit Coffee Give-Away -- a thank-you gift to long time HB members.
  • HB: Espresso equipment restorer and espresso documentarian Ryan (IamOiman) joins Team HB.
  • HB: Please welcome back Clive Coffee to the roster of HB sponsors. They've just announced the LUCCA Atom 75, a grinder based on the popular Eureka Atom 75, but with a cool auto-dialing in feature. Check it out in LUCCA Atom 75 Questions / Answers.
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    "I think it is up to all viewers to recognize no one person can be expert in all areas and to appreciate their particular strengths. I look to people on HB who have lived with a certain product for several years for advice. They are some of the best sources for advice." --Dave (Bluenoser), James Hoffmann: Room For Dissent?
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    "I guess I will just have to find other ways to complicate my life." --Andrew (LBIespresso), What DIY Water Recipes Do You Use for Espresso?
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    "There's a difference between reading that a machine weighs 70 pounds and picking up a machine that weighs 70 pounds." --Chris (Chrikelne), The worst feeling
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    "I keep thinking, maybe it's me. Clearly it is. I just don't like them. But I'm also not serving the fashionable lemon juice espresso that is all the rage these days." --Alan (Almico), Tried and failed to love VST baskets
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    "I remember buying bikes for my kids and I would tell them the most important thing is the color. If you want to get on it, you will ride it." --Michael (CarefreeBuzzBuzz), Why would you not buy a DE1?
  • HB: Welcome sponsor Urnex to HB! I've used their espresso cleaners for years. They've also introduced a new bio-friendly version of their popular Cafiza that's phosphate free. Clean equipment => better espresso.
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    "Guys maybe stop beating a dead horse. I already agreed twice that my statement was wrong, but I am happy to agree to it a couple more times if you insist." --Nino (coffeeOnTheBrain), James Hoffmann's $$$ grinder reviews
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    "My best shot to date was from my La Pavoni Pro. My 1,000 worst shots were from the same machine." --Almico, Slow pull - 1 minute - excellent?
  • HB: Reminder! Nossa Familia Coffee offers 20% with code HBDEALTWENTY and Compass Coffee does too with code HB20. Caffe Lusso has free shipping for orders > $35.
  • PSA: Support our small (coffee) businesses!
  • HB: Want to post your own reviews? See the New "User Reviews" section!
  • HB: Welcome Aida! Be on the lookout for her posts in the forum and her Aida Batlle Selection coffees in Marketplace.
  • TomC: HB now has its own Green Coffee Exchange. See. Green Coffee Exchange for more details.
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    "It's worth mentioning that hanging out on a site like this, you'll find plenty of over-the-top concern about minor details." --Dan Kehn, Reason for cooling down boiler?
  • HB: Jeff joins Team HB!
  • HB: Check it out! Help shape the winning espresso blend and get a discount, too! See Klatch Coffee and the Golden Bean Espresso + MVP winners.
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    "The 'I want coffee to taste like coffee' is a silly thing to say since coffee tastes the way it does because we process it a certain way." --John, Why is everyone looking for fruits in coffee?
  • HB: Short on time, too many posts in your unread list? Try Unread Pro! You can quickly trim off discussions in forums you don't typically follow, threads that have gone on too long, or ones that have yet to develop.
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    "The spout somewhat minimizes the evidence of that channeling while a bottomless portafilter reveals it in all its glory." --Steve Meyer, Do I need a spout?
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    "I've found it's become easy to tell which machine someone owns by the comments they make." -Dave S., How to tell which espresso machine someone owns...
  • Quotable Quote:
    "Espresso is about enjoyment. Some take enjoyment in thinking about Rome when they walk into the kitchen. Others find joy in how well their machine performs in temperature tests. There is no true answer." --Roeland, What's really the difference between espresso machines?
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