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  • HB: Please welcome Cantina Coffee to the HB sponsors! They offer Neapolitan-style coffee directly from Saka Caffè in Italy.
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    "I guess 99.9% of the world population who drinks their coffee without [this mod] is perfectly happy. So in HB, the answer should be yes, [this mod] is absolutely necessary and life-changing." --Ype, Is FOMO on pressure profiling justified?
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    "Even if that task is mundane and only seen as an obstacle to something else - such as washing dishes [ed: or making espresso] - focus on what you are doing right now and there will almost always be something to enjoy." --Henry (HH), How to find zen in espresso?
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    "This reminds me of the precision basket discussion. If your aim is to chase diminishing returns to the ends of the earth, I applaud you and wish you success, but I highly suspect many folks would enjoy their coffee more if the process were placed on a lower tier than the product." --Jake Groseclos, Why WDT this?
  • HB: Please welcome Espresso Forge to the HB sponsors! Rumor has it that they have a planned giveaway. If so, it would be in the Marketplace (hint, hint).
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    "If you drink sodas or eat many prepackaged foods, your perception of sweetness is screwed. You will never taste the sweetness in anything natural [like coffee] since you've been doing the equivalent to your taste to what standing next to jackhammer would do to your ears." --Jim Schulman, Can espresso actually taste sweet?
  • Quotable Quote:
    "UNPLUG THE MACHINE BEFORE STABBING THINGS WITH STABBY THINGS." --John (JRising), Breville Dual Boiler short circuit
  • HB: Check out the New Jackrabbit Coffee Give-Away -- a thank-you gift to long time HB members.
  • HB: Espresso equipment restorer and espresso documentarian Ryan (IamOiman) joins Team HB.
  • HB: Please welcome back Clive Coffee to the roster of HB sponsors. They've just announced the LUCCA Atom 75, a grinder based on the popular Eureka Atom 75, but with a cool auto-dialing in feature. Check it out in LUCCA Atom 75 Questions / Answers.
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    "I think it is up to all viewers to recognize no one person can be expert in all areas and to appreciate their particular strengths. I look to people on HB who have lived with a certain product for several years for advice. They are some of the best sources for advice." --Dave (Bluenoser), James Hoffmann: Room For Dissent?
  • Quotable Quote:
    "I guess I will just have to find other ways to complicate my life." --Andrew (LBIespresso), What DIY Water Recipes Do You Use for Espresso?
  • Quotable Quote:
    "There's a difference between reading that a machine weighs 70 pounds and picking up a machine that weighs 70 pounds." --Chris (Chrikelne), The worst feeling
  • Quotable Quote:
    "I keep thinking, maybe it's me. Clearly it is. I just don't like them. But I'm also not serving the fashionable lemon juice espresso that is all the rage these days." --Alan (Almico), Tried and failed to love VST baskets
  • Quotable Quote:
    "I remember buying bikes for my kids and I would tell them the most important thing is the color. If you want to get on it, you will ride it." --Michael (CarefreeBuzzBuzz), Why would you not buy a DE1?
  • HB: Welcome sponsor Urnex to HB! I've used their espresso cleaners for years. They've also introduced a new bio-friendly version of their popular Cafiza that's phosphate free. Clean equipment => better espresso.
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    "Guys maybe stop beating a dead horse. I already agreed twice that my statement was wrong, but I am happy to agree to it a couple more times if you insist." --Nino (coffeeOnTheBrain), James Hoffmann's $$$ grinder reviews
  • Quotable Quote:
    "My best shot to date was from my La Pavoni Pro. My 1,000 worst shots were from the same machine." --Almico, Slow pull - 1 minute - excellent?
  • HB: Reminder! Nossa Familia Coffee offers 20% with code HBDEALTWENTY and Compass Coffee does too with code HB20. Caffe Lusso has free shipping for orders > $35.
  • PSA: Support our small (coffee) businesses!
  • HB: Welcome Aida! Be on the lookout for her posts in the forum and her Aida Batlle Selection coffees in Marketplace.
  • TomC: HB now has its own Green Coffee Exchange. See. Green Coffee Exchange for more details.
  • Quotable Quote:
    "It's worth mentioning that hanging out on a site like this, you'll find plenty of over-the-top concern about minor details." --Dan Kehn, Reason for cooling down boiler?
  • HB: Jeff joins Team HB!
  • HB: Check it out! Help shape the winning espresso blend and get a discount, too! See Klatch Coffee and the Golden Bean Espresso + MVP winners.
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