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    "The Italians don't need it, they invented espresso. The French don't need it, they're better at everything food-related. The English don't need it, they drink tea. The Dutch don't need it, as we know it better. The Germans/Swedes need a manual because..." --Marcel, The surprising things you can learn from a user manual
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    "If you want espresso porn, grind coarse and overstuff the basket. The shot will pour and look gorgeous; the taste ... not so much." --Jim Schulman, Am I sentenced to a life of single-dosing voodoo?
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    "Milk is your best friend for less impressive shots." --Randy, I accept espresso that's only "OK"
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    "The jump from no-fuss to gimme-fuss [espresso preparation] takes on greater importance as one moves to more delicate roasts. Maybe I've got simple tastes, but I tend to prefer more traditional roasts that also happen to be easier to pull consistently without much fuss." --Tom, "But I don't want to become a barista"
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    "I think that readers really need to be careful to distinguish what is backed up and supported by rigorous experimental work and what is subjective opinion." --Luca Costanzo, Biggest Scientific Study on Espresso Extraction
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    "I would not say it is a mistake for people to read as much as they can when they are getting into coffee, but it is important to experiment and learn and be prepared to waste a bit of time and coffee and have an open mind." -- Paul Pratt, Cafelat Robot User Experience
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    "It's the water. Don't put water in the boiler and you will not have wet pucks." --Richard, How to avoid wet pucks with spring lever?
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    "As a long-time moderator, I've learned to never underestimate a first-time poster's ability to ignore useful information in their quest to get an answer." --Dan Kehn, Why do the same questions have to be answered every 60-90 days?
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    "I don't care what's involved in coffee... anybody willing to pay that much for any coffee has WAY more money than common sense. For that price per/lb I could buy around 650 lbs. of quality green and be set for quite awhile." --Timmy (Espresso_Junky), Anyone tasted Espresso Lab's $250 cup of coffee
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    "If you insulated the machine when not in use, it should reduce the energy usage as it would reduce heat loss. Placing something like a tea cosy over the machine would do it. There's a business opportunity - custom quilts for your espresso machine." --Scott M, Leaving it on 24/7
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    "The idea that the puck should be firm and knock out neatly is not just wrong, it's actually bad. The finer the grind; the sloppier, gooier, and wetter the puck. But for good extractions, you want a fine grind. A major point of pressure profiling is long preinfusions with grinds so fine they would stall out an ordinary espresso machine." --Jim Schulman, Lelit Bianca User Experience
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    "Sigh... I should have remembered the first rule of bulletin boards: never give advice to anyone who already knows what they want to do." —Jim Schulman, Comments on Niche Zero Review
  • RapidCoffee: The Decent Espresso DE1+ Review has begun!
  • Quotable Quote:
    "The idea was to come up with a direct relationship between taste and refractive index, this might work for some roast levels and coffees but has proved to be less than reliable." --Rich Goodin, Why TDS/extraction yield measurements are not a good way to evaluate taste profile/quality?
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    "Hobbyists might have very different goals, but until one can get to the point where they ... get consistent results, they have no business trying for accidental coffee nirvana." --Alan (Almico), Finding balanced cup in pourover
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