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    "I feel a bit deflated, as some part of me was glad that this meant there were no more step ups possible and I had the best of the best. Now it'll only be the entry level best." --Claude, Kafatek hints about new Conical Model
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    "Chasing extraction yield is a great and worthwhile effort - and will probably teach you a lot. Just be careful of the subjective assessments gleaned from objective measurements." --Assaf Litai, Lelit Bianca vs DE1+
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    "It isn't about right or wrong. We won't know what right is anyway. It is about repeatability and unambiguousness." -- Assaf Litai, Looking for a Simple Measure of Preinfusion
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    "If you want both high extractions and espresso porn shots, you have begun on an endless quest for magic baskets and grinders." --Jim Schulman, Looking for a Simple Measure of Preinfusion
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    "Ultimately it really is - people like what they like. Sometimes I feel people like what sounds interesting vs tastes good but that's another thread." --Richard Gregory, Light Roasts - Are they losing their luster?
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    "Coffee roasters are like drivers; no one seems to think they are bad at it." -Alan (Almico), Roasting coffee with evenness
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    "I do a lot of things that aren't really worth it because I think my cost-benefit analytical skills are broken." --Walt Tani, Compak K10 WBC has landed!
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    "Just five years ago, we were happy with the slops served up by George Howell, Intelligentsia, Klatch, Counter Culture, and others of that ilk. Now we await with baited breath the next [Twitter and Instagram] revelation on how coffee should really taste." --Jim Schulman, Fines: Necessary evil, or just plain evil?
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    "I'm not the kind of person who turns making a drink into a professional Olympic training exercise with hours of practice. For others, that kind of approach is some form of OCD they want to engage in." --David (happycat), Cheapest "God" shot
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    "The lever machine is a Haiku on the economy of means." -- Thomas McIntosh, Building a lever machine.... from scratch
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    "Moriondo's name only surfaced in 1993, when Ian Bersten exhumed his invention from Italian patent archives in his famous book. His discovery diminished the credit assigned to Luigi Bezzera and Desiderio Pavoni who had been, up to then, commonly cited as the fathers of the espresso." --Sebastien Delprat, In search of Moriondo's espresso machine
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    "We may sometimes reach premature and incorrect conclusions that lead us to chase "features" in our machines that sound very logical, but may not necessarily translate to better/more consistent coffee." -- Yaseen, Wouldn't an E61 with dedicated PID brew boiler and steam thermoblock be better than HX?
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    "It could be worse, at least we're not all into boats." --Tom Chips, Has Espresso Become a Hobby for the Rich?
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    "For me, learning from my Cremina is like learning to be a parent... I now give no advice, I just try to take solid advice. This whole thing has humbled me in a really wonderful way, and I'm better for it, completely apart from the espresso." --Bill (Czar0001), LMWDP Rollcall
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    "Equipment can't increase your floor, but it can certainly increase your ceiling." --Mitch (CwD), BEST espresso grinder to date??
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    "In the last year there have been a lot of well funded inquiries looking for the 'best' this and the 'best' that. I'd like to posit that time and experience is a more valuable luxury than expensive equipment. The best fit for you now might be eclipsed later by a better fit for a later you." --Russell, BEST espresso grinder to date??
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    "What I've realized over time for myself, is that it's not so much that I want better espresso, but that I want new espresso toys." — Greg Gardner, My Olympia Cremina & ungrade-itis
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    "Drinking coffee is for sissies. I mainline my brew." — Alan (Almico), No good coffee/espresso shops. Is it just me?
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    "Who needs good espresso when you have good espresso equipment? It turns out that bragging rights don't taste any better in the cup if you don't put them to good use." --Jake Groseclos, My long and rambling path to preinfusion/pressure profiling
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