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    "Both espresso machines will make excellent coffee. But which will bring you joy in the process is what the hobby is all about." --Dustin, Decent vs La Marzocco Linea Micra (or Mini)
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    "The choice is based on looking at yourself, not at the espresso machines." --Jim Schulman, Comments on La Marzocco Linea Micra Espresso Machine Review
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    "It's been my observation in life that no matter what you do, someone will complain. My rule of thumb: If 80% of the people are pleased, you're doing great." --Dan Kehn, Bigger default fonts
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    "There's been a lot of 'armchair science' around coffee and espresso, much of which has proven to be wrong." --Jeff Kletsky, Why are 25 gram baskets not popular?
  • HB: Woohoo! O Canada! JRising and baldheadracing join Team HB.
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    "The idea that popular products don't receive criticism is simply not true. Maybe it's the minority and maybe that's because a product is a very good one. But the Niche Zero has certainly not escaped criticism." --John (jpender), Niche Zero: One year in review
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    "If you end up wanting to pursue espresso as a hobby, [entry level espresso equipment] will limit you at some point, depending on which ways you decide to explore. Those are sort of the Toyota Corollas of the espresso world." --Jeff Kletsky, Advice on espresso machine/grinder for a newbie
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    "Today, Moriondo is considered as the father of the express machine and consequently the starting point of the history of espresso." --Sebastien Delprat, In search of Moriondo's espresso machine
  • HB: Woohoo! Ira joins Team HB.
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    "Expectations are just that. I'm on the list, and I greatly appreciate an honest list over aggressive marketing masquerading as transparency." --Jeff Kletsky, Delay for Argos lever espresso machine
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    "The TL;DR is: invest in the grinder. More than you would now feel comfortable. It'll pay off in the form of much better coffee and a happier, less frustrated you." --Osku, Rocket Appartamento - help, heavy channeling
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    "But you know what? I get pretty damn good coffee with my simple recipes, simpleton devices and 10-15 minutes of concentration. I cherish the fact that I know where and how to improve, but I resist on the fomo and upgraditis." --Dustin Holloway, Reviving the coffee Zen?
  • HB: Please welcome Cantina Coffee to the HB sponsors! They offer Neapolitan-style coffee directly from Saka Caffè in Italy.
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    "I guess 99.9% of the world population who drinks their coffee without [this mod] is perfectly happy. So in HB, the answer should be yes, [this mod] is absolutely necessary and life-changing." --Ype, Is FOMO on pressure profiling justified?
  • Quotable Quote:
    "Even if that task is mundane and only seen as an obstacle to something else - such as washing dishes [ed: or making espresso] - focus on what you are doing right now and there will almost always be something to enjoy." --Henry (HH), How to find zen in espresso?
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    "This reminds me of the precision basket discussion. If your aim is to chase diminishing returns to the ends of the earth, I applaud you and wish you success, but I highly suspect many folks would enjoy their coffee more if the process were placed on a lower tier than the product." --Jake Groseclos, Why WDT this?
  • HB: Please welcome Espresso Forge to the HB sponsors! Rumor has it that they have a planned giveaway. If so, it would be in the Marketplace (hint, hint).
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    "If you drink sodas or eat many prepackaged foods, your perception of sweetness is screwed. You will never taste the sweetness in anything natural [like coffee] since you've been doing the equivalent to your taste to what standing next to jackhammer would do to your ears." --Jim Schulman, Can espresso actually taste sweet?
  • Quotable Quote:
    "UNPLUG THE MACHINE BEFORE STABBING THINGS WITH STABBY THINGS." --John (JRising), Breville Dual Boiler short circuit
  • HB: Check out the New Jackrabbit Coffee Give-Away -- a thank-you gift to long time HB members.
  • HB: Espresso equipment restorer and espresso documentarian Ryan (IamOiman) joins Team HB.
  • HB: Please welcome back Clive Coffee to the roster of HB sponsors. They've just announced the LUCCA Atom 75, a grinder based on the popular Eureka Atom 75, but with a cool auto-dialing in feature. Check it out in LUCCA Atom 75 Questions / Answers.
  • Quotable Quote:
    "I think it is up to all viewers to recognize no one person can be expert in all areas and to appreciate their particular strengths. I look to people on HB who have lived with a certain product for several years for advice. They are some of the best sources for advice." --Dave (Bluenoser), James Hoffmann: Room For Dissent?
  • Quotable Quote:
    "I guess I will just have to find other ways to complicate my life." --Andrew (LBIespresso), What DIY Water Recipes Do You Use for Espresso?
  • Quotable Quote:
    "There's a difference between reading that a machine weighs 70 pounds and picking up a machine that weighs 70 pounds." --Chris (Chrikelne), The worst feeling
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