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Questions and Answers Help!?! Where do I start looking for answers! It's become increasingly difficult to find (and refind) the most popular and informative espresso-related topics among the various forums. To make it easier for you to get started and to help you navigate to topics that interest you, this article contains links to the best topics, categorized by forum and subject area.

Before diving into the topics from the forum's FAQs and Favorites, gain espresso preparation's prequisite knowledge by spending an evening on the site's recommended reading. If you wish to explore a wider range of topics, some of which may be humorous, others that may be more esoteric, consult the exhaustive list of FAQs and Favorites. If you're looking for something amusing or occasionally thought-provoking, check out the site's Quotable Quotes.

Recommended Reading

The site's must-read articles document the basic barista knowledge and techniques that apply to all espresso machines. Whether you are new or experienced to making espresso at home, reading The Home Barista's Guide to Espresso is time well spent. It covers a lot of ground and demystifies the key elements of espresso preparation. The guide is not just about techniques and equipment, but also about the reasons behind them.

If you prefer video instruction, check out the Newbies Guide to Espresso series. Even though the serie's main audience are those new to making espresso at home, it contains insights that more seasoned baristas may appreciate. If you only need a quick overview of espresso machine types, read Espresso Machines 101. These articles offer more diagnostic advice:

For HX espresso machine owners, add How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love HXs to the list of recommended reading. These how-tos aren't specifically addressing the usage of a particular machine, but they build the foundation of knowledge that will carry a home barista well beyond the early learning stage. These and other noteworthy articles on the web are listed in this article and on the site's Resources page.

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As noted in the site's Guidelines for productive online discussion, long-time members are more likely to offer thoughtful responses to newcomers if some initial research is done beforehand. The tips below can help your searches be more fruitful:

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