The Zuriga espresso machine

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#1: Post by drH »

Has anyone had any experience with this?
It looks delightfully simple and very well constructed, like an ECM Casa V taken to the next level.

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#2: Post by spressomon »

New to me. Interesting!
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#3: Post by ira »

$2200, probably more in the US if it ever gets here. it's likely thermoblock as it warms up in 2 minutes. Just seems like a lot of money unless they did a lot of things right.


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From what I can tell, it's not a thermoblock. It has a very small boiler. For heat conduction they chose aluminum and coated it with titanium. Everything is custom built, reminiscent of Olympia Express, and they claim no use of brass or copper; the internal water reservoir is thick glass. On the version with a steam wand, there is a separate, custom made heating coil that can be ready to produce steam in 20s.

Certainly not for everyone, but it has its appeal as a very simplified, well built espresso-focused machine in a tiny footprint.

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#5: Post by Marcelnl »

looks a lot like a Gaggia Classic in a nice casing and a Schwiezer hipster price slammed on it, unless I am overlooking it the website does not show any of its internals...
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drH (original poster)

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There are videos on the website that show the internals and custom design. It's not off the shelf.

Here is one video from a few years ago:
I agree - it's expensive for what it is. The ECM Casa gives you a similar functionality at much lower cost. But perhaps a case can be argued for the hand made construction, etc. But it's hard to tell without playing with one.

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#7: Post by Marcelnl »

THAT looks a lot more like how a Gaggia Classic should have been built! Looks good, hope that is stainless though.
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#8: Post by Pippolino »

Did anyone have any experience with the Zuriga?
I was thinking of purchasing one. It is rather expensive, but I like the minimalist looks.
I hope that the quality justifies the price.


#9: Post by GregoryJ »

Looks like they use a 1kW heating cartridge to create steam on demand. If I understood the video correctly, the coil they wanted to use did not fit in the case.

There is no button to activate steam mode. To activate it you swing the steam arm out. Definitely went with an "Apple" type of design philosophy. I like the looks, but I go more for function over form.


#10: Post by Pippolino » replying to GregoryJ »

If I understood the video correctly, there is a button to activate steam.
You swing the steam arm in order for the water to start heating, and after about 30 seconds, it is ready for steaming.
Pressing a button (the same button that is otherwise used for espresso) starts the steam.
I guess the arm position changes the modality of the button.

What are your thoughts of using heating cartridges for creating steam?
I had a lot of problems with frothing milk with a Bezzera Giulia, and I wouldn't want to have the same problems with such an expensive piece of machinery. I really like the looks, but if I'm to pay 2k, I want to be able to make decent cappuccino.