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Ditto on the Thor. While I like my RB, this newest aquisition is just too much. Nothing like fine craftsmanship to enhance the experience.

I'm borrowing Les's photo as I haven't had the time to take my own yet. The other side is beautiful and the sapwood gives it a one of a kind feel. Fits like a glove and hefty weight makes it perfect. The spoon I got is matching wood (including a touch of sapwood) and my wife uses it for her Moka pot mornings. Can ya tell I like it?


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I know gravedigging, but it's such an interesting thread.

I enjoy my 51mm tamper with it's solid 575 grams of stainless steel.
(not my image, haven't gotten around)
Sebastian "Stuggi" Storholm
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My Coffeelab Design 53mm for the S1 - works great!



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1. The stupid little plastic disk for "up-tamping" on the front of the doser. I know, I know. I started using it before I knew any better, and it took forever to get the routine right. When I got a real tamper, I thought I'd never look back. But when I started fooling around with it again because I read a post about European baristas and down-dosing, I found out I like it. Kind of like my return to Sabatier carbon knives. Damn! Those things get sharp. But I digress. The tamper is just too damn convenient.

2. Pro-tamp. Got the weight. Top of the handle fits the center of my palm. What else can you say? You can get an exact 30# tamp by dropping the Pro-tamp onto the puck from exactly 3' 4-1/2" while making a tsssssssssew - PCHOW! sound effect.