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I haven't seen anything online about this except for a short post on reddit. I haven't dipped my toe into espresso yet as I know I will easily get sucked in. I've been thinking about dabbling with a Flair machine as an entry jumping off point, however, this popped up in an instagram ad for me the other day and I wanted some thoughts on it:

At a kickstarter price of $169 this seems fairly approachable-similar to a Flair product.
But CO2 cartridge, like it's a BB gun?

Has anyone had any experience with a machine like this, and what do you think about this one in particular?
Build quality seems nice IMO and it has a clean aesthetic.

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Reminds me of the MyPressi Twist that used a gas cartridge to pull the shot. They had lots of problems with the product and ended up discontinuing it. You could get about 4 shots out of one cream charger cartridge. Can't travel with gas cartridges so you'd want to bring a hand pump with you.

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You can also use an air pump:
With the built-in gas charger, it can generate pressure to 9 bars to brew espresso. There are two methods for the pressure setting, you can choose the external air pump with Schrader valve or the beverage gas chargers(8g, CO2 soda chargers).

I put down the $5 reservation fee but I think I'm going to cancel. Don't need another gadget right now.


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But it does look cooool! :)


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Once upon a time there was this: ... r-espresso

What was at the time considered to be about the best portable espresso device one could buy. Conceptually this is similar but without the control or craftsmanship. The Portapresso allows for reasonably easy profiling with the limits of an air powered machine.


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#6: Post by OpenSource »

although I was very enthusiastic about it especially about the price and design, after seeing the workflow videos it's a no go for me!

you cannot control the pressure and as a result it's absolutely difficult to produce a good cup!!

on the contrary with e.g. flair espresso you can control the extraction procedure at about 100%!


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I have the previous version of it which is made by a China enthusiast and named 11C. The pressure is controllable, just cannot drop the pressure very quickly during extraction. It's the nature of using air pressure and I don't think there is any advantage to let the pressure drop too quickly. You can easily mimic the pressure profile of a lever machine or SLAYER style. There are some design and manufacturing defects. I hope they are all improved.