Will Lelit Bianca sold in New Zealand work in Japan?

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I have a bit of a technical question. If my Lelit Bianca is currently in New Zealand (230V, 50-60Hz) and I want to bring it to Japan (100-110V, 50-60Hz), can I simply use a step-up converter to help with the difference in voltage or is there anything else I need to be aware of? I spoke with the Lelit distributor here in Japan but they're quoted me ~US$5,000 for a new machine that is supposedly spec'd for Japan. Any help would be much appreciated.


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All u need is a voltage converter.

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Thank you. Do you think a voltage converter like this will work? https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07Y534L9J/ ... 4VQOM&th=1

For reference, my house is AC100V/20A


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That one was bit of overkill, but it works if you'd like that.
Bianca is 15amp draw 2400w machine, so find a out put 230v watts around 2500w and 16a converter would be good enough.

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Cheap voltage converters (those typically under several hundred dollars) are generally woefully under-speced. I'd suggest a 2x capacity. This is only when the circuit can handle the load.

Step-up is an issue with high-power equipment. 230 V gear can consume more power than a 100-120 V circuit can supply. It is exacerbated by the inefficiencies of the cheap converters, which are probably far from 100%. They might be as poor as 50%.

So that 2400 W Bianca on 100 V is 24 A with no losses, potentially 40-50 A with losses.

I'd suggest either buying a 100-120 V unit or installing a 200-240 V line, with GFCI protection.

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I strongly agree with Jeff. If you want it to last, over-spec your transformer by 100%.

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Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your advice, it's much appreciated.

I do have a few questions to add. From what I understand the Bianca's boilers are 1000W and 1400W each, however, the machine will never run both of them simultaneously. I checked my house's circuit board (Tokyo) and we are on AC100V, 20A, 50Hz. New Zealand power supply is AC220-240, 10A, 50Hz and the Bianca was purchased in New Zealand and runs perfectly fine on that power supply. The power listed on the Bianca in New Zealand is 1550 W - 220-240 V. I calculated the amps that the Bianca currently draws in New Zealand and it's 6.7A

I = P/V
1550/230 = 6.7A

Now seeing that the amperage supply in Tokyo is twice that of New Zealand and the Bianca in question currently runs off less than 10A's, would it be safe to assume that a step-up transformer (something like this maybe: https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/dp/B09BV9 ... _lig_dp_it) would be sufficient to run the Bianca for a few hours each day? I only plan on using the machine for 2-3 shots every day.

Thank you for taking the time to help. I would like to know what you think.

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Many on the transformers I've looked at have reviews on Amazon US that suggest that they're either poorly assembled or have connectors or wiring that isn't up to handling current. I've only looked at ones for 750 W load, so it's hard for me to generalize to twice that.

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I see. Thank you very much, Jeff. I will consult with the Lelit dealer in New Zealand and see what they can suggest.

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You might get some insight by checking the reviews on Amazon US, as well as talking with some 230-V expats there in Japan. Nothing like first-hand experience for something like this, especially as so many of the choices appear to be just about the same on the outside.