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I started out my lever journey with 45 mm baskets in my La Peppina and worked my way up to 58 mm baskets in my Robot. I get the feeling that if you increase the diameter of the filter over 58 mm that you'll have to also increase the pressure to get the same sort of espresso drink and mouthfeel and if you don't you'll start to go into the brewed coffee realm. This may not be a bad thing since things seem to be tending towards lighter roasts and thinner, coffeelike shots.

This line of thought took me to the unusual, with 8 cup filter baskets and reserve / hotel groups which are used to make larger quantities of brewed coffee on an espresso machine. Check out this thread as a jumping off point, and do let us know if you manage to make good espresso with a larger basket. I think those Enrico of Italy had other design problems besides the really wide basket and I don't recommend them.

Unusual Portafilter .. very large!

Upper limit to portafilter size?


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I use VST 25g for several month.
When I want to make a Americano, I will use it.
I make 75g coffee and add 375cc water then refrigeration
That is my breakfast and I will have a 36ml espresso in the afternoon
This is my daily, I love it. :lol: