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Thank you all for your advice! :!: :!: :!:

Finally, I decided not to buy a 25 gr basket, but to buy an 18 gr VST basket (instead of the one that comes with the machine - the latter tapers downward, restricting the flow).

The thing is, I was interested in the advice not to increase the 18 gr dose, but, on the contrary, to decrease it. I tried 16 grams once and liked the taste (after that I never returned to 18 gr - this fact speaks for itself). In addition, I found that I like the 1:3 ratio more than 1:2 - the taste is less sharp, not too full-bodied. Therefore, even from 16 gr, I can prepare the very 50 grams of the drink for which I wanted a 25 gr basket (and even more so from 18).

Capuchin Monk

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I've been using IMS 21g basket for about 6 months and thought it's better than the stock basket (18g). Then after reading this thread, I decided to give VST 18g basket a try. It arrived last Friday and I tinkered with it over the weekend. I'm liking it better than IMS 21g basket. VST is more consistent and less spritzer even when I tried 18g in both baskets. Plus, the knock out is cleaner in VST basket than IMS. I would say the higher price of VST is worth it. It's a keeper for me. :)


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Coffee is difficult to extract, reducing the dose helps solving this problem. Adding coffee is doing the opposite thing, hence lowering the popularity.

Also, doing smaller doses allows you to taste more coffees each morning which is another plus.

I guess it would allow you to make two shots at once, that being said as other mentionned; will not fit a double spout pf...

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Ursego wrote: Maybe there are some technical reasons or pitfalls that make 25 gr doses problematic?
For one, a 2:1 extraction with 25g of coffee won't fit in a "standard" espresso cup. Heck,18g doses do not either. I use 15g baskets slightly overfilled to 15.5g. Makes a perfect double, or single with a dual spout.

Another, that's almost 4 shots of espresso. Too much at one time.


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I have a 25G VST in my rotation and is usually reserved for big lattes or to split for an affogato. My experience has been a slightly coarser grind to compensate for the puck size. I usually don't go above 1:2 unless the roaster specifies a higher ratio. IMO, they are tougher to dial in, more susceptible to channeling and not really useful unless you like a big coffee drink or need a blast of caffeine.


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Ursego wrote:Nevertheless, many machines with a 54 mm portafilter, which of course has a higher tablet (La Pavoni, La Spaziale, etc.), are considered very good.
I am with the low dose advices here, plenty of reasoning given. But I have to slightly correct the quoted part. The Pavoni has a 51mm basket, the new ones. The most popular doses for the doubles are 14 to 15 grams, at most 16. Calculating the difference in volume 15.5 grams would be roughly equivalent in puck height to an 18 gram dose on a 58mm basket.

Can't say anything about folks with 53 or 54 mm baskets.


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I use a 25 gram vst basket and put 25,4 gram coffee in. I extract +/- 50 gram coffee with 8 bar on a ECM and "dilute " it with 300 gram of milk. I like big milk drinks, so for me it's my goto basket.

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ojt wrote:But I have to slightly correct the quoted part. The Pavoni has a 51mm basket, the new ones.
There are models with 51 and with 54. No idea why they decreased the size rather than increased! Puck height is an issue, and I don't understand why 58 is considered the standard and not 70, for example, which would allow to brew more espresso keeping the same puck height.

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I'm not so sure a 70 mm basket would work very well. The Enrico of Italy lever has a 75 mm and I've never heard of an acceptable shot being made by that machine.

LMWDP # 272

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yakster wrote:The Enrico of Italy lever has a 75 mm
I didn't know about it!
yakster wrote:I've never heard of an acceptable shot being made by that machine.
The more I get into espresso, the more I realize that you can't listen to anyone - you have to try it yourself. This topic is a perfect illustration of that statement. I've been intimidated by large baskets, and as a result of experimentation I've determined that 19-20 grams taste better than 17-18 (not to mention 16).