Who manufactures the Quickmill baskets?

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Anybody have any idea who manufactures the baskets included with the Quickmill machines? Specifically the Anita/Andreja/Vetrano?


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I don't know the precise manufacturer, but the baskets included with Quickmills are the ubiquitous Faema-style. Dosage is between 17-18.5 grams. The photos below are from LM Basket Woes:

Giotto stock basket (left) and ubiquitous 18 gram Faema-style basket (right)

Stock Isomac/Quickmill (top), so-called ridgeless La Marzocco (bottom)
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OK, I think that everyone fanatical enough to be on HB knows that almost no manufacturers make their own parts, so if Chris or Terry or whoever wants to just tell us who the manufacturer is it wouldn't be that bad for business :wink: Might even avoid irritated HBs ordering the same basket twice!
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If I had a clue I would be more than happy to tell you. I am sure that there is more than one manufacturer in Italy that punches out insert baskets for the various machine manufacturers. I have yet to visit a single machine manufacturer that made there own baskets.
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Actually, I was just more concerned with the style of basket rather than the exact manufacturer. All of the talk regarding the Synesso baskets made me wonder just what I was working with.

Thanks guys!