Where to get portafilter modded to bottomless?

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Postby arichimedes » Jul 13, 2018, 5:54 pm

Hi all!

I just stepped into the world of espresso and wow this hobby got expensive fast! However, as I try to learn about extractions and get a better idea as to the consistency of my shots I realize that a bottomless portafilter would be extremely helpful. I already spent all my money on this machine so instead of looking to buy a new one I'd like to modify my single spout, but the only place I came across was espressoparts (and the reviews are a bit iffy, I'd be worried about the quality of the job) is there anyone on the forums who does these sort of modifications well?? I'd really appreciate any guidance.



Postby zrieser » Jul 13, 2018, 8:19 pm

What I have done with two previous machines is pick up a hole saw and cut my own. It is very easy with a drill, hole saw and files to make your own for under $20 bucks.


Postby tegwj » Jul 14, 2018, 3:24 pm

A quality machine shop should also be able to modify the portafilter. Most are made of brass and plated, so they machine very nicely. A good machine shop can usually be found by asking around at auto parts stores and they'll likely have the right tools to ensure you get a very nice, clean, deburred cut. In practice it shouldn't take long to set up the jig and do the work; most shops charge $50-60/hr for basic work so you're looking at $20-30 or so.

Note that the ultra high-end race car fabrication shops fall well outside that price range, so don't go into one of those expecting a $20 solution. Community colleges with auto machining/mechanics departments may also have the right tools and available labor, so you might even get it done for the cost of a box of donuts.

Good luck!


Postby toolate » Jul 14, 2018, 10:55 pm

do it your self: I have no shop skills whatsoever and it was EASY :D


Postby walt_in_hawaii » Jul 14, 2018, 11:37 pm

borrow a drill from a friend and get a holesaw from harbor freight, you can do it yourself for $20. If you'd rather get it done professionally, it won't be any different. The only difference between professional job and doing it yourself is the cut will be slightly cleaner professionally. But it made no difference in the final product, I did one on my lathe and one with a holesaw, they look about the same and both function identically.


Postby pcrussell50 » Jul 16, 2018, 12:02 am

This ^^^

I've done it this way. Twice. Never looked back. I've got a picture somewhere I can post up. I'll do it when I get a chance.

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Postby les24preludes » Jul 16, 2018, 5:42 am


Very easy for brass PFs like Gaggia Classic/Baby. Use a 44mm or 51mm hole saw in a normal hand drill at low revs with lube, put the twin spouts in a vice and drill out. First centre the hole in the spout fitting with smaller bits. File off and use some fine sandpaper to finish and you're dome. Less than 15m.


Postby arichimedes » Jul 17, 2018, 9:21 am

Thank you for all the information guys I really appreciate having a community who can guide me through these sort of niche questions! :D


Postby Nunas » Jul 17, 2018, 2:03 pm

Lots of good info here. One small additional thing is to consider the type and size of baskets you intend to use. If you'll only use solo and doppio baskets, then nearly any size hole saw will do; as all you need do is use one big enough to expose all the tiny holes on the bottom of the basket(s). However, if you plan to use the modified portafilter to pull triple shots, then you need to measure the diameter of the triple basket and be sure it will clear the bottom of the modified portafilter. This is because most portafilters are not deep enough to tale a triple basket. You need to get this right the first time, as once you drill out the bottom with a hole saw, it's not easy to use a size or two up with a hand drill, as you no longer have a centre hole for the hole saw.