Where to buy gasket kits for La Pavoni?

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What is the best place to buy gasket kits for servicing a pre-millenium La Pavoni Professional?

I've looks at espresso parts but only saw a rebuild kit for the group head. On Amazon, I saw a set from La Pavoni but it seemed to be post- millennial.

I'm a bit confused about the best and most reliable resource.

Any suggestions?


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Orphan Espresso has a lot of parts for La Pavoni's and other classic levers. I don't have a lever but I would trust them.

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In the USA I would go with Orphan Espresso https://www.orphanespresso.com/La-Pavon ... c_200.html or Stefano's EspressoCare https://www.espressocare.com/products/i ... gasket-kit depending on which gaskets you need.
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Tudor at coffee-sensor.com is also legit.

shrugrice (original poster)

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Thank you for these suggestions. It's a great help.