Where can I get citric acid?

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I'm on Oahu at the moment, needing some citric acid... Point me, please?

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Is there a brew supply store around? Google came up with:


Homebrewers on Pacific Shores (HOPS)
Cindy Goldstein
99-110 A. Lilikoi Place
Aiea, HI 96701
Email: hops@hawaii.rr.com
808-486-3057 phone


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I went with this one:

http://www.amazon.com/NOW-Foods-Citric- ... 000MGWIL6/

Overkill, I know but it also comes in smaller sizes.


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I live on Oahu as well. You may want to call Ace Hardware. I checked everywhere but there with no luck. I ended up ordering off of Ebay. Later, I needed some muriatic acid, which I found at Ace. Also, there is a Homebrew supply located near the airport that may have citric acid as well. Homebrewinparadise.com
Good luck!

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Don't forget your hippie/wiccan/survivalist soapmakers and perfumers. Citric acid is used in fairly large quantities (and therefore far cheaper) than brewers and candy-makers and such, but far smaller quantities than most industrial apps, therefore you can get a one or five found container, instead of a one-half ounce or a fifty pound bag.

Check with the local Dept of Agriculture and see what they're using to fight off the Puerto Rican Frog invasion. Supposedly caffeine and citric acid are both effective, but caffeine requires a special agricultural use license? I dunno, they'd be better resources.
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kwil (original poster)
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Thanks for the tips... So far I found some at Fukuda's, the seed store down in Honolulu... If I can't find some closer, with your suggestions, I guess I'll trot down there. You know how it is crossing the Pali, and they have really short hours, but at least I know where I can get some.