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Envisioning flow mixing and its control makes my head hurt :cry:

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nick_111 wrote:In your full day comparison between Bianca and a saturated group machine, apart from using the same grinder and beans, did you also make sure to use exactly the same water ? This alone can make a huge difference in the quality of the delivered espresso.
Yes, ofcourse. Only change one variable.


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Neither saturated nor E61 are all that fantastic for someone who want to brew light and do several beans in succession, their temperature stability and lack of agility is a massive hindrance. These do good at traditional shots but it's really about it.

I said it before I got better shots out of my f58 that wasn't meant to be traditional comfort that I ever gotten out of any these sort. These are just way to limited, while I do think LM saturated work better as these don't mute the shot as much as E61, the shot are still rather limited.

My main issue with majority of machines is the complete lack of on fly adjustability, for a home users who uses so many different beans often small amount like 100g of rare, expensive coffee on the fly adjustments are something you want to have, sink shots isn't something you generally don't want to have.

For me personally I just don't see many suitable machines for such applications, most machines are so locked in the mindset of commercial applications or built on the idea of a single beans that these are ill suited for someone like me. I think I can count suitable machines on one hand the rest are not suitable, not even most pp machines are as these lack on fly adjustability. Meticulous seem to be one of the first to truly understand my user segments and we need to see more of that.