What steam pressure for Pasquini Livia 90?

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#1: Post by charlesaf3 »

I just hauled my old Pasquini Livia 90 from 2005 out of my shop, and am giving it minor reconditioning to serve as a backup.

Put a new pump in (Ulka EAP5, retaining connections to pipe which do not come with new pump for future reference)

Pressure is around 2 on the stat. I've always had to bleed it down a fair bit to pull a shot from recollection. I might have done it that way to pick up the pressure for milk steaming but I can't recall.

What should the pressure be set to? And how to do it, I vaguely recall a nut somewhere needs to be turned?

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seems upon investigation to be 1.2-1.5

Chris coffee was somewhat surprised that I had gotten away with 2, so I'll turn it down.

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Follow up - I'm trying it with the boiler gauge right on the green/red line on the gauge, so down a bit. Keeping it high for milk steaming pressure, though I might be too high on the puck. This machine doesn't have a separate pressure gauge for the hx group, just for the steam boiler. I might see if a pressure gauge is easy enough to put on, though this is just going to be a travel and woodshop machine.

Pressure is controlled by the center screw on the pressure stat on mine. There is another screw to the side that controls the deadband. This has changed a bit since 2005 I gather from a call with Mr. Pasquini.

I might replace my 3 way valve on general principles now since I'm working on the machine, though not clear it needed it. 18 years on it, but it's been sitting around for most of the last decade, and only really got used daily 2005-2008


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I've had my Livia 90 in use for 20 years or so. I have always set pressurestat to max at 1.1 to 1.2 on the gauge and min at just below 0.9. That way I can flush to bring the heater on just before inserting the portafilter to extract

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yeah I'm aiming it more at the milk steaming, which requires more flush.


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Yes, I suppose setting it higher would make stronger steam, and suppose you can still flush to bring it down before extraction