What is normal flow rate for La Marzocco Linea Mini?

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Hi Guys,

I was lucky enough to purchase a Linea Mini from a friend. I have a question regarding the flowrate of water and I don't know if this is normal as I don't know it from my previous Rocket Machine. Basically when I activate the lever a burst of water flows out even before I hear the sound of the machine. Is this normal? I posted a video to this also for you guys to see.
Hope you guys can help.


#2: Post by Marmot »

Yes, that's absolutely normal. When you push the lever to the left you first activate the solenoid which opens the connection to the brew boiler sitting on top of the group with some pressure in it. Therefore pressure and gravity will push water out through the group. The pump always needs a split second to start up and so you have a little pause between the first flush and the rest of the water being pushed out by the pump.


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second that> same from my experience, its normal. :)