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#41: Post by Nauti »

For me the most important attributes in a tamper (besides ergonomics) is a thick enough base and tight fitting in the basket. The first because it makes it, for me at least, easier to have a leveled tamp. The latter because there are less loose particles in the basket and I have the experience that it keeps the head less ''messy'' (I do not tap and tamp a second time). So, the latter is not so much for a better pour.

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#42: Post by timo888 »

I use tampers made by H-B member espressme (in hardwood and brass) modelled after the La Peppina plastic tamper. The piston is approx 6mm thick so that when the top of the piston is level with the top of the basket, 6mm headroom has been created. This yields a light, even compaction that permits a good preinfusion, which works well for all of the domestic lever machines I've used, whether manual or spring, pressurized boiler or gravity-fed open kettle.

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#43: Post by CRCasey »

1. Somewhat sized to the basket.

2. Hard.

3. Flat, or slightly curved.

4. Fits the hand it is being pushed by.

After that anything else is just to make the holder of the handle happy.

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#44: Post by michaelbenis »

Fits basket. Smooth base. Stubby round wooden handle. Weight balanced decidedly to the base.
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