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#191: Post by p4lxrich »

Yep got mine today too. You need the new spring


#192: Post by ddbrown3 »

Yeah, fit fine after. Just experimenting with my P64 on some different Decent profiles (LRv3, default), I am seeing how much finer I'm going to have to grind. It was coming out quickly.


#193: Post by p4lxrich »

I did about two lines lower this morning on my p64. It was pretty good. Need to play with more profiles and see how it does. By good for me it was very clean tasting and clear. I need back to back shots with my vst and see what nuances in taste I really taste. Or this is just all in my head.

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#194: Post by EvanOz85 »

Quite enjoying the shots from my dogleg Unifilter with my Decent, but would kill for a spouted attachment so I could use normal size espresso cups.